Soon All Quality Control Will Be Hi-Def QC

Standard Def TV Quickly Going The Way of The Dinosaur
by Rick Recco
Best buy has just announced that they will cease to sell standard definition televisions. From now on only hi-definition TV’s will be available. I expect other big chains to begin following suit rather quickly. And why not. The price of 16:9 HDTV televisions has come down drastically over the past couple of years to the point where you can get one for about the same price as a drastically inferior old style SD TV.

Case in point. I recently went into a Circuit City with the possible intention of buying a SD, (having no idea how far the prices for HD had come down.) I found a big, heavy, bulky 27 inch model for $299.99. As I kept looking I found HD’s for as low as $399.99 Needless to say I walked out of the store with a brand new, sleek, light weight Olevia 27″ HD for only $100 more then I would have paid to go old school. Now the model I bought was on sale, and you can still easily pay $1000, for a bigger unit by a bigger company, but for one third the price, the Olevia was a fantastic deal. I also looked at a 27″ Akai HD, with a built in DVD player for the same price but opted against it as I was not happy with the volume level when playing a DVD.

Standard Def, will still be around for quite awhile for the die hards, (and for those who still pay $25,000 for a used Digi-beta) but why bother. Soon enough most QC will be HD. It’s the wave of the future.