Steve Garfield on Using QIK

Steve Garfield on Using QIK

Steve Garfield explains how QIK works Has 1 Million Visitors Per Day. That’s a lot of Laddies!, the fast growing video site for men 18-34, serves one 10 million vidoes a day, says Nick Wilson, CTO. The company, started as about 10 years ago, the site has recently expanded its reach by organizing a network of guy-oriented sites.

According to a recent comScore report, the site has locked into a valuable demographic.

The company’s principal investor is Lionsgate Entertainment, a major independent film studio.

I interviewed Nick at Digital Hollywood.

— Andy Plesser

*Update 5/19: I corrected the headline and lead with the number of 10 million daily video streams. I was given the corrected number from a spokesperson. The one million a day in Nick’s comments refers to the number of daily unique visitors.

Posted on Beet.TV on Monday, May 19, 2008