Adobe Media Player is Open to “Longtail Publishers,” Too

Adobe Media Player is Open to “Longtail Publishers,” Too

Adobe’s newly introduced desktop application for video, Adobe Media Player, features content from mostly big publishers like CBS. But it’s a platform for long tail producers too, Beet.TV has learned.

The platform allows consumption of videos from any show that has media RSS feed, according to Deeje Cooley, Adobe’s Chief Internet TV Evangelist and co-creator of the Adobe Media Player.

This is similar to iTunes where there are both bona fide publishers and smaller publishers who’s shows are simply searched and pulled via media RSS.

Getting users to a show on the Adobe Media Player, which involves an initial file download, is being made easier by a sort of widget or “badge” which publishers can use around the Web. Once a user clicks on the “badge” they are brought through the download process and directly to a subscription. The badges are just coming online.

I caught up with Deeje earlier this month at Streaming Media East.

— Andy Plesser

Posted on Beet.TV on Friday, May 30, 2008

Adobe Media Player is Open to “Longtail” Publishers, Too