The Evolution of the Wholesale Telecom Industry

The Evolution of the Wholesale Telecom Industry

The “Do-it-yourself” method of sourcing networks doesn’t always work – especially with big bandwidth requirements. Wholesale services have huge benefits and seem appealing to just about every company needing high capacity services – but in order to take advantage of wholesale rates, how does a company get from their office location to the PoP? Together NEF and WBS Connect, a leading wholesale bandwidth provider, offer the know-how, service options and flexibility needed to seamlessly increase bandwidth, end-to-end.

The upside of wholesale IP. Wholesale telecom companies are a great resource for dark fiber, colocation facilities and more for customers seeking the best network given heavy bandwidth requirements. Customers benefit from getting access to wholesale IP much like getting a membership to Costco for their food – because they can buy telecom services and locations in bulk, allowing for customized packages that are more affordable, flexible and easy to manage.

Wholesale bandwidth providers can also offer better colocation, disaster recovery, transport and reliability as well as increased redundancy and power. Because wholesale companies traditionally have a large portfolio of options, customers can pick and choose those services and providers that best suit them. Another upside to wholesale is that they can create a single bill that covers the expense of each individual carrier or service, making tracking and paying for services much easier than if they were spread over multiple bills.

So close but yet so far. There are many reasons to take advantage of wholesale IP if you can get it. But getting to the wholesale provider’s point-of-presence can put that big bandwidth and preferred pricing painfully out of reach. Often times wholesale prices don’t include local access. Companies have to figure out how to connect to the wholesale provider’s PoP – and many aren’t familiar with providers other than the LEC. That’s where NEF can help – to get you from your front door to where the wholesale pricing awaits. As a carrier-neutral telecom consultant specializing in high cap services, NEF knows both metro and long haul connectivity options and can present the optimal set of services to get you where you need to go. Through partnerships with wholesale IP providers like WBS Connect, NEF can help you select providers and services that get you to the wholesale superhighways and meet your bandwidth needs – from end-to-end.

We work with WBS Connect because they’re one of the best in the business at wholesale IP, and we feel confident in their suite of wholesale services. Curious if wholesale IP is a good option for your company? Talk with NEF. We’re a carrier-neutral resource that can help you define requirements, price out options – and even negotiate the best rates. And the best part is – it’s free.

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