FCP Manager 1.5.1

FCP Manager 1.5.1
About FCP Manager
A software tool designed to allow users to organize their Final Cut Pro preference settings. By using the easy to use FCP Manager interface and saving established preference settings as presets, users can immediately revert back to previously known, stable environments if ever their Final Cut Pro sessions became unstable, saving countless hours in support and productivity. FCP Manager also allows users to configure and save settings for VTR capture offsets, window locations, buttons and shortcuts.

In work environments where several people share the same Macintosh and copy of Final Cut Pro, each person can register the favorite preference settings in order to immediately switch to his/her work environment without relying on the multi-user feature of Mac OS X. FCP Manager is an ideal software product for system administrators responsible for multiple Final Cut Pro installations, Final Cut Pro integrators, rental houses, educational institutions and for all content creators with the need to quickly and efficiently manage Final Cut Pro preferences.

Key Features:
– Save Final Cut Pro preference & environmental settings as ‘presets’
– Launch new Final Cut Pro projects using previously saved presets specific to users, formats, etc.
– Efficiently manage preset files: Group multiple presets into folders; Add title, comments and user information to presets; Protect presets from accidental overwrites; Import/Export presets
– Delete and restore Final Cut Pro preference files
– Intuitive and simple user interface