DVShade EasyLooks 2.0

DVShade EasyLooks 2.0
About DVShade EasyLooks
With over 30 preset looks DVShade EasyLooks 2.0 makes it simple to get the look you want. The EasyLooks interface is broken down into seven easy to use effect categories.

Basic – This will handle brightness, contrast and saturation changes to an image.

Black/White Diffusions – These will simulate diffusion camera filters.

Tint – This will tint an image. It is split up into two tint effects, a standard tint and a tint black effect.

Gradient – This will simulate a gradient camera filter.

Techni – This will simulate older film shooting and processing techniques.

Color Temperature – An intuitive control to change an image’s color temperature to warm or cool.

DVShade EasyLooks 2.0 is fully GPU accelerated and renders in floating point.