Cineon/DPX Pro for Final Cut Studio 2 3.0.6

Cineon/DPX Pro for Final Cut Studio 2 3.0.6
About Cineon/DPX Pro for Final Cut Studio 2
This is a professional set of QuickTime components to read and write Cineon or DPX images. Features include:

– Full Integration with Final Cut Pro 6 and Compressor 3
– Solid playback with FCP 6. (If system meets recommended requirements.)
– Sequence Presets for Cineon or DPX based projects
– 32-bit float pixel support during import and export.
– Time Code source can come from frame numbers
– Threaded Movie Exporter allowing faster export times.
– Batch Exporting from Final Cut Studio to Compressor.
– Compressor 3 features such as Time Code Burning, Scaling and frame rate conversion available for Cineon or DPX Projects.
– Anamorphic Image Scaling
– Batch Importing
– 3D LUT file support, including support Apple’s Color DI System
– IR Dirt and Scratch Channel support
– 1, 8 and 10-bit Alpha Channel support
– Control over white and black points as well as gamma.
– Separate controls for import and export settings.
– View Cineon or DPX image sequences with QuickTime player.
– A Developer API for Cineon/DPX parsing
– Support for Video Playback using AJA’s Kona 3 hardware.
– Selectable “endian-ness” when exporting DPX frames
– ARRI style Reelname support with DPX files
– Many more features