The Industry’s Best Network Consulting Services and Maps Now Available

The Industry’s Best Network Consulting Services and Maps Now Available

Need to find multiple carriers in your region? Want a map with all lit buildings and data centers, including their amenities and features? Think that it would be ideal to have a report outlining pricing on all available network providers? Now you can get it all. NEF, one of the nation’s top telecommunications brokerage firms, has created easy and assessable solutions by offering multiple reports that provide extensive information and detail on available carriers, lit buildings, data centers, networks and more.

NEF utilizes a collaborative methodology for delivering customized reports and recommendations to customers. By using a step by step process to ensure thorough and current data, maps and analysis, customers receive customized map views with proprietary tools noting points of interest and provider neutral recommendations for each solution.

NEF will work with a customer’s technical requirements, latency and redundancy requirements, budgets restraints and timelines to create a comprehensive report which details strategy recommendations for a total network and data center solution.

NEF report offerings include, but are not limited to:

FiberLocator – Get access to a database of over 85,000 lit buildings and over 1,000 data center locations, maps, carriers, services and quotes.

FiberLocator Enhanced – Receive everything you would get with FiberLocator, plus an interactive web conference session with NEF consultants enabling customer Q&A, reviews of maps and zoom views of specific locations.

Data Center Locator – Get data center locations represented on maps, including physical addresses and facility amenities and features.

BuildingLocator – Receive a list of lit buildings sorted by carrier along with a comprehensive write up of available services.

Network Feasibility – This report offers pricing of available providers plus online reviews of solutions in FiberLocator.

Get the speed you need with the reliability you want. NEF can connect you with the fastest, more robust networks around. Contact us to learn more about low latency networks.

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