Southern California Edison Completes First Part of Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Southern California Edison Completes First Part of Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Earlier this year, Southern California Edison, California’s largest electricity utility, announced plans to create the state’s largest single solar photovoltaic installation. The plans call for a massive 250 megawatts of advanced photovoltaic generating technology to be placed on 65 million square feet of Southern California commercial building roofs – enough power to serve around 162,000 homes.

The company has recently announced that the first of its major commercial rooftop solar installations is now complete and powering homes in Fontana, California. The specs for this Fontana rooftop include 600,000 square feet of rooftop space with 33,700 advanced thin-film solar panels, making it the largest single solar photovoltaic project in California. It is expected to create enough power to meet the needs of approximately 1,300 homes.

This Fontana rooftops accounts for only a portion of Southern California Edison’s total project which expects to include two square miles of existing commercial roofs with 250 million watts of peak generating capacity.

Southern California Edison decided to take on this project once solar technology was advanced enough to reduce the cost of installed photovoltaic generation to about half of current similar installations. Southern California Edison is also pursuing other sources of renewable energy as seen earlier this year when they announced plans to build the largest wind farm in the US.

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