U.S. Broadband Coalition Seeks National Broadband Strategy

U.S. Broadband Coalition Seeks National Broadband Strategy

The U.S. Broadband Coalition has reached out to President-Elect Barack Obama and the 111th Congress asking that they make the execution of a comprehensive broadband strategy a national priory in 2009.

The U.S. Broadband Coalition includes organizations such as the FTTH Council, American Cable Association (ACA), the Connected Nation and a number of other carriers and equipment service suppliers.  Together, they have put together a “call to action” which outlines initial goals for a national plan to bridge the digital divide and harness the potential of broadband enabled communications for businesses, schools and individuals.

The coalition argues that broadband access is now a necessity for every American. It further states that broadband-enabled Internet connectivity has changed the way the world communicates, learns and does business. Unfortunately, the United States currently lags far behind other countries in broadband advancement, a ranking that the country can no longer afford to keep. The U.S. Broadband Coalition hopes that President-Elect Barack Obama agrees that 2009 should mark the beginning of the end for broadband disparity for individuals throughout the country, particularly in underserved communities.

Goals put forth to the President-Elect and the 111th Congress include:

Every American home, business, and public and private institution should have access to affordable high speed broadband connections to the Internet. Access to the Internet should, to the maximum feasible extent, be open to all users, service providers, content providers, and application providers. Network operators must have the right to manage their networks responsibly, pursuant to clear and workable guidelines and standards. The Internet and broadband marketplace should be as competitive as reasonably possible. U.S. broadband networks should provide Americans with the network performance, capacity, and connections they need to compete successfully in the global marketplace.

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