A Movie Industry Revolution – AboveNet Launches jabNET

A Movie Industry Revolution – AboveNet Launches jabNET

Those of you in the motion picture and television industry will be thrilled to learn that AboveNet, Inc., a leading provider of fiber optical connectivity solutions, has launched jabNET, a new high-bandwidth service that quickly transfers visually rich content such as special effects between diverse geographical locations.

Thanks to AboveNet’s jabNET, industry professionals will experience a faster movie and TV production process that keeps pace with the fast-changing demands of the industry.  With jabNET there is potential to save weeks of financial charges as elements no longer need to wait to be copied and packed on hard drives and sent via courier from location to location. Now industry professionals can get the files in only a few clicks. Additionally, rather than looking at tiny images that were once sent over the web, images can now be viewed in high-definition on large screens.

About AboveNet
AboveNet provides fiber services for business and carriers and says its private optical network delivers services in and among 14 top U.S. metro markets and London.

designs solutions based on your needs and specifications using a variety of connectivity options. Creating custom dark fiber networks is one of the strategies NEF employs to bring you the best communications network at the most competitive price. Contact NEF today for more information.

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