How Much Would a Network Disaster Cost You?

How Much Would a Network Disaster Cost You?

The average outage time for a T1 connection within the U.S. is 8 hours.  You can see how your business would be affected by using this Impact of Network Downtime Calculator.

Indeed, loss of trade is the most significant cost of network failure.  A recent article on, however, added that management time, staff morale, and customer relationships also suffer.  With management working around the clock, putting all efforts towards IT recovery, they must turn away from their daily responsibilities and tasks.  In turn, when the staff is not able to complete their deliverables, and with no one to answer to, company culture and morale take a hit.  

Worst of all, a company's reputation is a stake.  Customers not receiving deliveries, products, and information are more willing to turn away than wait it out.

Analysts have shown approximately 1% of overall yearly revenue is lost from one simple outage.

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