EditGroove UserMatic 1.03

EditGroove UserMatic 1.03
About EditGroove UserMatic
Encourages and facilitates experimentation in the thousands of ways Final Cut Pro can be customized. It leverages the editor’s time and creativity — by enabling creation of multiple preset “profiles” of FCP preferences/configurations … and providing for rollback points, easier troubleshooting, profiles for multiple users, and even accessing by the same user(s) from multiple FCP workstations over SAN.

Features include:
– The ability to Save and then Load any of an unlimited number of FCP “profiles” … each one containing an entire set of user customizations for Final Cut Pro.
– One-button Backup: of that entire library of profiles into a single date/timestamped .ZIP file, for archiving, or transporting to another machine. – Networking/SAN capability built-in. Simply pointing UserMatic to a network drive allows for direct access to the same library of Profiles from multiple FCP workstations, across potentially any network (LAN / SAN / WAN / VPN).
– “Safety net” feature: Overwritten & deleted preferences are actually stored away in ‘Deleted’ folder, for future recovery if ever needed.
– Trash button: reverts FCP back to its factory defaults.