HealthiNation Mines Video Metrics with Brightcove 3

HealthiNation Mines Video Metrics with Brightcove 3

For content providers, metrics are vital to success or failure. Metrics help providers know when their videos are capturing a viewer’s attention and when they’re not.

Health and lifestyle digital network HealthiNation told Beet.TV it uses tools from video platform provider Brightcove to better understand viewer behavior. “We can bring in so many different attributes of the user experience,” said John Piccone, senior VP sales and business development at the programmer. “How long did they watch, did they watch the whole thing, where did they drop off…We can bring these in to measure the efficiency.”

He added that HealthiNation has been using Brightcove for four years and recently upgraded to the Brightcove 3 platform.Brightcove said its tools let users track video starts, completions, clicks, menu clicks, total viewers, new and returning viewers and other metrics.

YouTube is also looking at ways to incorporate user research more, as well, NewTeeVee reported a few days ago.

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer