QC-Effects 1.2

QC-Effects 1.2
About QC-Effects
A package of over 380 plug-ins design for adding visual effects to Final Cut and Motion. deDigitalEffects harnesses the power of Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 and Quartz Composer and is based on Apple’s plug-in architecture FxPlug.

Effects include: 3D Video Wall, Comic Book Look, Water Color, Oil Painting, Hearts, Explosions, 3D Bubbles, iPod Commercial, Underwater, 3D Titles, FireWorks, Video Feedback, Video Cubes, Particles, Comets, Fire, Video Fountains, Plasma, 3D Balls, Lights, Cube in Cube, Video Matrix, Dots, and multiple Psychedelic Effects.

– Uses realtime anti-aliasing.
– Most effects have parameters for controling the overall look and feel.
– Also includes over 36 title effects.