RCN Metro to Provide Colocation and Connectivity Services to ECHOtrade

RCN Metro to Provide Colocation and Connectivity Services to ECHOtrade

RCN Metro Optical Networks, a premier provider of fiber optic-based network solutions, is reportedly aiding ECHOtrade, a trading firm, with connectivity to major financial exchanges and the Internet.

ECHOtrade, a professional trading firm providing reliable software geared towards speed of execution, lower cost transactions and higher payouts will benefit from the use of RCN Metro’s colocation services and multiple circuits for connectivity to financial exchange.

This is a great move from ECHOtrade, a company committed to providing traders with the most reliable, dense, high-capacity network available today and one designed to meet their needs tomorrow.

In a recent press release, Felipe Alvarez president of RCN Metro, said "There's no question that in the financial services industry, time is money. Network connectivity is a trading firm's critical lifeline — ensuring a high degree of network availability and resiliency is paramount among key decision makers.”

RCN Metro boasts an extensive bouquet of services including Ethernet, SONET, wavelength, video transport, Internet and more. The company’s high-capacity Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) provides affordable, fully redundant bandwidth solutions to customers across geographically diverse fiber routes. SONET, when combined with RCN’s Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) services, offer capacity ideal for the densest telecommunications markets. Through its secure, unique rights-of-way, RCN also provides superior system integrity and convenient access to practically any building.

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