MediaMover FCP 1.2

MediaMover FCP 1.2
About MediaMover FCP
Designed to help manage the vast amount of media that can be associated with Final Cut Pro projects. Its robust interface tells you, at a glance, the facts necessary to manage your storage system no matter how large or small.

– Easily see how much storage space every project is using regardless of the number of volumes media is stored on or number of editors that have contributed to them.
– Storage costs money! Tracking the time projects are on your system and how much space they occupy allows you to accurately invoice projects for the storage space they use.
– Use MediaMover’s Export tool to create Excel compatible reports to track your Final Cut Pro media.
Backup any project’s media with ease.
– Delete a project’s media quickly and thoroughly, regardless of how fragmented or deeply nested it is. —Handles multiple capture and render folders associated with the same project easily.
– At a glance, see the largest and oldest projects on your system.
– Familiar OS X style interface.
– Compatible with all versions of Final Cut Pro and XSAN software.