AboveNet is Ready for the 2010 Bandwidth Explosion

AboveNet is Ready for the 2010 Bandwidth Explosion

2010 is going to see a burst in bandwidth consumption according to TelecomSupperDesk.com. With trends like cloud computing and centralized clouds as well as an increase in customer demand for bandwidth, bandwidth providers are going to have their hands full.

NEF partner, AboveNet, Inc., a provider of high-bandwidth connectivity solutions for business and carriers is just such a company. As an authorized AboveNet agent, TelecomSupportDesk often relies on their fiber optic network. “When a business comes to us looking for high bandwidth from 100Mbps, 1Gpbs even to 10Gbps metro Ethernet solutions, chances are high that AboveNet is the right solution for them,” Mr. Wind (VP of Sales at TelecomSupportdesk.com) comments. “Especially the extreme low latency fiber optics (as low as 1 ms both ways) between two locations is why AboveNet often wins the deal. A low latency route can be extremely crucial for financial institutions as a change in milliseconds can often mean losses of millions in financial trades or transactions.”

What else makes AboveNet a strong competitor in the bandwidth market?

Are in more markets Can easily add more fiber Have a better type of fiber Have an excellent presence in central business districts out to the far suburbs Are in 15 metro markets Are focused primarily on fiber optical networks Have unique rights of way Have buried the vast majority of our fiber for safety

For more information about AboveNet’s fiber optic high bandwidth solutions, contact NEF today.