Level 3 and the Super Bowl, 21 Years Running

Level 3 and the Super Bowl, 21 Years Running

For the 21st year in a row, Level 3 Communications will provide live compressed and uncompressed high-definition television broadcast video services to CBS for Super Bowl XLIV.

However, different from other years where feed was sent to a production truck, feed will be sent from Miami to CBS studio headquarters in New York via Level 3’s fiber-optic network.

Level 3 expects to acquire, encode and transport over 2,800 hours of video content.

During the 2009 football season, Level 3 worked closely with the league and broadcasters to provide video transmission for every regular season and playoff game, totaling more than 5,600 total feeds.

This season Level 3 also worked with the NFL to create a virtual private network that connects clubhouses and provides league teams with a secure, reliable means of sharing footage from games, interviews, practices and more.

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