Lock & Load X 1.1.1

Lock & Load X 1.1.1
About Lock & Load
Can take your hand held shaky cam footage and make it usable footage. Just select the clip, analyze it in seconds and playback the smoothed clip. That’s it, instant gratification, even on clips with complex rotational motion or camera zooms. Lock and load is capable of intelligently ignoring foreground motion even on busy scenes or with dark backgrounds.

Lock & Load X new features:
– completely rewritten for faster analyzing, up to twice as fast as Lock & Load
– background analysis of multiple clips in a queue
– doesn’t require re-analysis when adding transitions Advantages over other stabilizers:
– only analyzes the section of the clip between the in and out points
– up to twelve times faster analysis
– smart adaptive zoom
– intelligently ignores foreground motion
– intuitive user interface, no learning curve