PolyChrome Transitions 2.35

PolyChrome Transitions 2.35
About PolyChrome Transitions
A set of 61 transitions for Final Cut to enhance your creative editing possibilities.
– TRX – Filmic and High Color Transitions: A collection of 29 filmic transition effects. Includes Light Wash, Film Strip, Film Blowout and other transitions with advanced curves control.
Delta V – Motion Transitions: 32 plugins: is a set of grunge, stylised and 3D layer transitions for artists and editors. Burn, distort, slice and glitch your footage with plugins such as Projector Malfunction, Channel Channel Change, Acid Blotches and Glass Slices.

Features motion blur in all hosts, transitions as filters in Motion, graphical multi sliders for enhanced effect controls, GPU accelerated rendering. TRX and Delta V can be purchased individually or as a set.