Get for FCP 1.1

Get for FCP 1.1
About Get for FCP
An exciting new search tool for Final Cut Pro (FCP) users, providing a fast and accurate tool for locating footage based on the spoken dialogue within your content. Get introduces a powerful set of features that combine a unique spoken-word search with traditional methods of content identification, including Finder-level (file name, creation date etc.) and FCP metadata (columns within a project), . Once results are found, reviewed and selected, they can be quickly sent to FCP for use in the editing process.

– Simple, easy to use UI for searches based on spoken word
– Media File Watched Folder or Final Cut Pro search capability
– Combined spoken word and FCP metadata search capability
– Reveal media file in Finder
– Reveal clips and/or sequences in Final Cut Pro
– Save Searches for future use
– Export Markers to existing FCP Clips