Don’t Know How to Choose a Data Center? You’re Not Alone

Don’t Know How to Choose a Data Center? You’re Not Alone

Choosing data center colocation is not something you do every day. But, this decision is one of the most important ones you’ll ever make – a datacenter lease lasts for several years, involves a significant amount of money, requires time and money to implement, and finally is something you have to live with every single day.

Before you make that decision, download the new free whitepaper from NEF entitled “BC/DR Data Selection Criteria.” It highlights many of the important factors involved in selecting a datacenter facility, including:

System requirements Layout Configurations Connectivity & Carrier Diversity Latency

The guide also includes a series of questions to ask during the selection process to ensure that the most significant items are taken into consideration.

In case you didn’t know, NEF and offer a free data center search service. Just give them the specifics of what type of center you’re looking for, the geographic parameters, and they’ll prepare a list of possible candidates. One of the best things about working with NEF is that, since they work with over a thousand datacenters across the country, they know the locations and details about all the new centers coming online, as well as which ones are offering special deals or pricing based on your criteria. It’s an easy way to get the best deal, especially since it doesn’t cost a cent.

To download this free whitepaper on selecting a backup data center or choosing a BC/DR backup location, visit the NEF website.