Top Reasons to Buy Dark Fiber

Top Reasons to Buy Dark Fiber

Jaymie Scotto recently posted an interesting article on the top reasons to buy dark fiber on Telecom News Now. Here are some of the highlights:


Companies want control of their networks and the solution offerings that carry the data communications they enable. Having the core base fiber, dark fiber, is the way to get full control over a network. “Dark fiber is the raw fiber, in the ground, along a specific route that is just waiting to be lit.  It’s the Light, when the fiber is lit, that enables the carriage of data communications.  Routes can be diverse, but the most control is on the electronics and equipment that companies use to light the fiber.  With a variety of very capable and leading vendors to choose from – the control is all yours.”


Dark fiber is “state-of-the-art” technology that when combined with the latest and greatest telecommunications technologies enable a vast amount of communications to be carried throughout a network.


“Dark fiber can be lit, re-lit and then lit again.” Dark fiber gives the flexibility of switching out equipment to leverage the most up-to-date technologies and increase your level of service without having to forklift an entire network.


A dark fiber network system can grow as a business grows. The flexibility to add software enhancements to increase the network capability along with the control of knowing what the fixed costs are, provides the ability to expand the bandwidth and capability of your network along with your footprint.


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