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Tape to File Transfer Services

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Tape to File Transfer Services
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Along with Quality Control, Q.C. Central also specializes full service post production including Tape to File Transfer Services & digitizing services. We’ll convert (digitize) Any number of tape tape formats into computer files including Apple Pro Res 4:2:2 Quicktime (.mov). We do conversions for high def, including HDCAM, & HDCAM SR.

Services also include standard-def formats. Digi-Beta file conversions, & betacam-sp digitizing, which constitute our most requested formats. Just send tapes, & hard-drive(s), we’ll convert video / audio into files & copy to hard-drive. You can then edit those files using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or Avid.

We have transferred entire tape libraries to file for TV shows such as The Carol Burnett Show, The Tim Conway Show, and various news programs. Most of the TV networks that broadcast “legacy programming” require the shows to be on video / audio files. Video tape aging causes beginnings of loss of some magnetic material that’s essential to video quality, causing tape deterioration. Upon tape to file completion, video will retain quality indefinitely. Digital files can also be copied infinitely.

We also work with older legacy formats including 3/4″, DVCAM, Mini DV, VHS and more. If you are interested in tape to file transfer services or video conversion please contact us. we will take care of all your needs.

Format types available – Tape to File Video Transfer

HDCAM SR Digitize to Quicktime file

Transfer HDCAM to Pro res 422 HQ

Digitize Digital Betacam Tape

Betcam SP File conversion





Mini DV