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Q: What types of Television shows, or movies need a Quality Control Report

A: Virtually all Films, movie, and TV shows require a Quality Control Check at some point during the post production process. Television networks will not allow a show to air that has not received an approval or passing grade on a QC report. Often the network will want a third party QC as the post facility that did the editing and output of the show may not be as stringent with their own work as an outside company would.
Film makers who get a distribution deal with a sales agent or distributor will also be required to have a full video and audio Quality Control Report done before they accept a submission.

Q: What are the types of media that I can deliver to you to do a QC Report on my show?

A: That all depends on what you are delivering the finished product on. If you are delivering a file, such as quicktime or avid, then we should QC that file which is the finished product. If it is being delivered on tape such as HDCAM SR, then we should QC the tape after it has been laid off from the edit master file.

Q: What happens if I have a project QC’d and it is rejected?

A: In any QC report that we do, if their are problems that cause the show to be rejected we can work with you to
fix the problems, aside from Quality Control we are a Full Service Post Production House. When laying off a show or movie to tape, the file could be QC’d first than when it is approved the outputting to tape can be done, but as most distributors, and networks want the final product to undergo Quality Control testing, the tape would have to be QC’d again. (Problems could occur during the layoff process which would not be noted in the file QC) If you wait to do the QC until after the tape is made and their are issues, you would have to fix the original file and either do insert edit “punch ins” to the affected area of the tape or possibly re-do the layoff. Either way there will be extra cost involved. Being able to deliver a project as a file eliminates the gamble of QC’ing the file before going to tape, or waiting until the tape is made and possibly having to fix or re-do it

Q: What types of issues or problems would cause a TV show, or movie to be rejected in the quality control process?

A: There are myriad different scenarios that could cause a tape or file undergoing broadcast QC to be rejected.
These include: High luminance, low black levels, incorrect horizontal or vertical blanking, video hits, audio hits
and much more. You can take a look at our QC Process page to get a more in depth view of some of the issues we look for.

Q: I am going to have (or try to have) my movie on Netlflix, can you do my QC report for me?

A: While we are not a Netflix Preferred Vendor(NPV) (only a couple of very large companies are) we have applied for NPV status and have conferred with Netflix in which they have informed us that we can do Quality Control for Netflix movies as long as the producers have no contractual obligation that an NPV do the work. Using our company over an NPV has many advantages, our prices are much lower, our turnaround time is much faster, and with 26 years QC experience we have decades more then an operator working for an NPV.

Q: What kind of turnaround time can I expect when sending you a project for QC?

A: Our motto is we are available on short notice 24/7, a full Quality Control inspection and report will be delivered to you usually within 1-2 days.

Q: I have completed the editing of my movie and now need to deliver it as a file, what is the best file type to use?

A: We recommend Apple Pro Res 4:2:2 HQ, (whether high def or standard)This is a quicktime .mov file that can be exported from Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere. For 2K Files Apple Pr Res HQ 4:4:4:4 We can also work with Avid files such as DNXHD as well.

Q: I am a first time film director and have signed a distribution deal. My movie is complete and they have given me a list of “deliverables”, I am new to the post process and not familiar with what they are asking for, what can I do?

A: We work with new film makers frequently and often act as a consultant / post supervisor, we can work with you in all phases of the post process. We will work to make sure the QC is approved, fixes are done if necessary, and the deliverable list is complete, you can contact us anytime for more info.

Q: Why should I hire your company instead of one of the other (bigger) companies out there?

A: Most Experience, Fastest Turnaround, Best Prices. What more do you need? I started this company back in 2007 because I knew I could deliver exactly that. In that time we have worked with a big majority of the companies in Hollywood and worldwide that provide Video content. We have a very long list of past clients and projects that you can find on this site. When you hire us you are hiring an owner with over 31 years experience in Broadcasting, Post Production & Quality Control. I still do the work myself in most cases.
You have direct access to the owner of the company virtually 24/7. You can call anytime with any questions you may have before, during or after the job. Our QC standards are also the highest in the industry.

Q: OK we are ready to send your are project for QC, What exactly do we need to send

A: Glad you asked We have a page that answers that very question in fine detail it’s called What You Need To Send Us For Film QC Please refer to this sheet for how to proceed. Of course we are also available to answer any additional questions by phone or text anytime.