Sending Us Your Movie or Show For Quality Control

Sending Us Your Movie or Show For Quality Control
Updated: 4/12/2024

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Once you have made the decision to do a Quality Control Report with QC Central, the next step is getting the project to us. In this “Sending Us Your Movie or Show For Quality Control” page, we will explain everything you need to know. You will be sending us a self-contained Quicktime file if possible. We can also accept separate video and audio “stem” files if necessary, which we can put in a timeline to do a QC report.

What is a self-contained QuickTime file?
A self-contained QuicktTme file is a Quicktime file which contains the video track and all all audio tracks in the order in the correct order that the distributor or network is requesting. The file is a “container” for the movie. The files must be exported from a timeline in an editing program into the self-contained file. This is done by importing the video file and each audio file into the timeline. When that file is dropped into another editing program for QC it will appear as the full movie.

The file should be in the version that will become the final version that will be sent to the distributor, network or client the QC report is being done for. The file should have the correct standard and time code. If requested, the file should have the proper head format (bars, tones, slate, 2 pop) in place at the correct time codes. If you are required to deliver both HD and UHD versions of a movie, it is recommended that both version have a full QC report (and the distributor may require this). It is best to output the larger file first, then down-convert to the smaller file (HD). In this case, all anomalies in the HD file will also be in the UHD file, except for possible transfer errors.


The codec of the file should be, as always, whatever the spec sheet requires. If there is no specification, then it should be one of the following: For HD: (Apple) Pro Res 422, (Apple) Pro Res 422 HQ, (Apple) Pro Res 4444. The industry standard for format and timecode of HD is Apple Pro Res 422HQ 23.98. However, the time code should match how the picture was originally shot, unless otherwise directed by the distributor. For UHD or 4K, the codec can be .jpeg2000 (HDR) or (Apple) pro res 422, 422 HQ, or 4:4:4:4. If the file is a different codec please inform us in advance.
The following formats are not acceptable: .mp4, h264, or other non-professional codecs.

Audio Layout

Unless otherwise specified by a distributor or network, the audio layout of the self-contained QuickTime file should be as follows:
Ch. 1. 5.1 Left (If applicable)
Ch. 2. 5.1 Right (If applicable)
Ch. 3. 5.1 Center (If applicable)
Ch. 4. 5.1 LFE (If applicable)
Ch. 5. 5.1 Left Surround (If applicable)
Ch. 6. 5.1 Right Surround (If applicable)

Ch. 7. Stereo Mix Left
Ch. 8. Stereo Mix Right

Ch. 9. Stereo M&E Left (If applicable)
Ch. 10. Stereo M&E Right (If applicable)

Ch. 11. 5.1 M&E Left (If applicable)
Ch. 12. 5.1 M&E Right (If applicable)
Ch. 13. 5.1 M&E Center (If applicable)
Ch. 14. 5.1 M&E LFE (If applicable)
Ch.15. 5.1 M&E Left Surround (If applicable)
Ch. 16. 5.1 M&E Right Surround (If applicable)

If there is a 5.1 mix and no M&E mix, 5.1 mix would go on Channels 3-8 in same order listed above.

Possible Issues to Look for Before Sending

Mono Audio
The biggest issue we run into with projects submitted to us is files being delivered with mono audio. If the export of the project is done incorrectly, it will result in the files coming out mono even if they were originally in stereo. This will result in an instant rejection as we cannot make mono audio files stereo. If this occurs we will have to stop the QC and wait for the correct audio files to be delivered. All audio pairs should be in stereo with the exception of the Center and LFE channels of a 5.1 mix. Please make sure that the audio files are in stereo before sending. We use an audio phase scope to check, and it is the first thing we look for.

Watch & Listen For Other Errors
We also advise having the director or editor watch through the movie or show before sending the file, to catch any obvious errors that will cause the project to be delayed after QC starts.

Sending Us The File

Files sent to QC Central can be uploaded to a file sharing service. Which we download. Uploading is the most common way we receive material for QC. Download services we use include Media Shuttle and Yousendit. Dropbox and Google Drive are also options.

If a file cannot be uploaded, it can also be delivered to us on a hard drive, either by dropping off at our N. Hollywood, CA, location or by mail. (If the project is on tape, just send us the tape.).

If you are mailing or delivering in person a hard drive to us, here are the guidelines for what we need.

1. Hard-drive should be USB, preferably a Solid State Drive (SSD) If file is UHD, or 4K or a over 300 GB, an SSD drive is mandatory. Flash drives are not acceptable.

2. The hard drive must be formatted as either macOS Journaled or Ex-Fat. It is highly recommended that editing be done on a Mac if possible, as it is the industry standard, but if the project is edited on a PC, then the file must be on a drive formatted to Ex-Fat, which can be used for both PC and Mac. NTFS or other PC-based formats are not acceptable.

3. The hard drive should be labeled with the client’s or production company’s name, phone number, email address, and project name. If you are sending packaging you want back, please label that as well.

Where to Send:
You will send the package to
Rick Recco
QC Central
6300 Craner Ave.
N. Hollywood Ca.


For first-time or non-regular clients, payment is required upfront (most jobs take 1-3 days). We accept Paypal (, Friends & Family for no fees, or Goods & Services (add 4% Fee) Zelle, or Venmo. (No Fees) The payment number for either is (323) 316-8298. We also take credit cards but a small fee will be required. If mailing a hard drive, Payment can also be made by check (made out to QC Central), which can be included in the shipment.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us before you send or upload. We offer free post-consulting to our clients. Thank You for using QC Central for your Quality Control and / or post needs. If you have any other questions about Sending Us Your Movie or Show For Quality Control, please contact us. by phone or email.