Video FAQs

Q: What is Textless Material? and why was my project rejected for not having it present.

A: “Textless Material” is any shot of the movie or show that contains text provided separately without the text. Examples of “Text” Include Opening and end titles, subtitles, location titles, and any other writing on the screen during the show. Movie and Television companies ask for textless material for the purpose of converting the show into another language. The procedure for Textless material is to take every shot with text and assemble them without the text in order one minute after the end of the film. The Foreign distributors will take those textless shots and insert them into the spots where their corresponding texted shots were thereby replacing the texted shots with textless shots, they will then add the new foreign language text. Many distributors or networks will not accept shows or movies without the textless shots.

Q: I shot my movie in 4K, Is that the best version for you to do the QC report on?

A: This all depends on what your distributor is asking for. If you have obtained distribution, or have a sales agent you should find out what they are requiring. Usually of a deliverables sheet includes a 4K (or UHD version) of the movie they will also want an HD version. Many distributors and agents are still only going with HD for their submissions. In fact after several years now 4K has not really taken off like many hoped it would, at QC Central 90% of the work we get is still in HD.
Also HD is less expensive to do a Quality Control Report on. If you are not required to deliver 4K it would be best to down-convert the movie to HD for QC. Virtually all anomalies found in 4K will also be present in the HD version. We can also do a QC in full 4K as well if needed.

Q: OK we are ready to send your are project for QC, What exactly do we need to send

A: Glad you asked We have a page that answers that very question in fine detail it’s called What You Need To Send Us For Film QC Please refer to this sheet for how to proceed. Of course we are also available to answer any additional questions by phone or text anytime.