Audio Quality Control & Post

Audio QC and conforming

QC Central is a full Video / Audio Quality Control and Post Production Facility. In addition to our usual Video /Audio QC services, we also provide straight audio quality control reports and post. We work with production companies that work exclusively with audio portions of shows or movies, these audio streams later become “married” together with video before projects completion. Along with Audio QC Reports we can also perform other audio post work including Conforming: fixing out-of-sync audio, & removing ticks, pops, & other sound anomalies.

Audio QC:
In the audio report we will check for correct audio averages, & peaks; we will also insure that the stereo phase is correct for each set of tracks (Stereo Comp, Stereo M&E, Individual 5.1 pairs etc.) we also check for a multitude of other audio problems and inform you with a full written report.
We can also do quality control of Dolby E, which is encoded data tracks that contain multiple audio tracks within, and have to be run through a Dolby E Decoder in order to be heard. On an HDCAM SR machine the tracks will show a solid bar on the audio meters, and will sound like static if not decoded properly.
A typical set of 2 Dolby E tracks will contain up to 8 channels of audio encoded within. Typically a 5.1 + 2 mix that contains a full surround sound mix plus and additional set of Full Audio Mix tracks.
Recently we did the audio QC for The Marie Osmond Show, and many full seasons of a show with Dolby E audio, and are one of the few places that can do this type of work. Please give us a call, for more info.

Audio Conforming: Often a movie that was worked on by more than one editor or edited over a period of time can have sync issues, where the dialogue may start before the mouth movement , or after; or sound effects could be out of sync starting early or late. Sometimes the out of sync audio will change from one scene to the next. We can fix these problems so that the audio dialogue and effects are in sync and where they should be.

Audio Cleanup: We can remove audio ticks, & pops and other sound anomalies for a cleaner, more professional sound.

Sound Mix & Design w/ Pro Tools: We can work with you to create the entire audio mix for your feature, we can also create 5.1 mixes, M&E, and much more. Please contact us for full more information on full audio mix and design.

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