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February 2022
Grey Hat Productions-Cat Daddies–Feature
Film Mode-They Crawl Beneath–Feature

January 2022
History-Ancient Aliens (Season 14)–Series
History Channel–Oak Island (Season 9)–Series
The Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down (Season 9)–Series

December 2021
Netflix-True Story (Season 1)–Series
History-Beyond Oak Island (Season 2)–Series
HBO-Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Return to Hogwarts–Special
Morgan Peter Brown-Glorious–Feature

November 2021
James Pratt-Malibu Crush–Feature

October 2021
GAC Family-Welcome To The Great American Christmas–Special
Hallmark-American Humane Hero Dog Awards–Special
Side FX-Bleu Jay’s Treasure–Feature
Nilsson Films-Howlin’ Refrain–Feature

September 2021
Wild Dream Lab-American Cherry–Feature

August 2021
NBC-Family Game Fight (Season 1)– Series
History-Ancient Aliens (Season 13)–Series

July 2021
Summer Hill-Earth Mother–Feature
NM Lee-Sleight–Feature

June 2021
BET-First Wives Club (Season 2)–Series
R. Manfred-Hardest Day–Feature
Nat Geo-Russia’s Wild Tiger–Special

May 2021
ROE-Falling In Love For Christmas–Feature
Hallmark-Snowed in For Christmas–Feature
Hallmark-Love & Chocolate–Feature
ROE-Always A Bridesmaid–Feature
Hallmark-Fishing For Love–Feature

April 2021
Oxygen-Flordia Man Murders (Season 1)–Series
Safier Entertainment-Fair Market Value–Feature
Lifetime-Secrets of A Gold Digger Killer–Feature
ROE-Fishing For Love–Feature

March 2021
HMC-Under A Lover’s Moon–Feature
Diloo-Comedy Shutdown–Pilot
Lifetime-Snatched From Mommy–Feature
PBRO-Love On The Road–Feature

February 2021
HMC-Love Bubbles & Crystal Cove–Feature
PBRO-Paper Hearts–Feature
Hallmark-Love Stories in Sunflower Valley–Feature
HMC-The Rulebook of Love–Feature
Premiere-Love Found at Whitbrook–Feature

January 2021
PBRO-Cheer For Your Life–Feature
Unquiet Films-Unquiet–Feature
Hallmark-Love On The Vine–Feature
ROE-On Hold For Love–Feature

December 2020
UMC Original Features-Love On A 2 Way Street–Feature
PBRO-Put A Ring On It–Feature
Endeavor Media-Heir–Feature
ROE-A Whirlwind Wedding–Feature
Hallmark-A Glenbrooke Christmas–Feature
HMC-Love At Cedar Creek–Feature
ROE-Love’s Match–Feature
PBRO Love Upstream–Feature
PBRO-Love In Translation–Feature

November 2020
Hallmark-Remembering Love–Feature
Son of Oakland Productions-My Father Belize–Feature
Lifetime-A Homemade Christmas–Feature
Chris Johnson Films–Journey to Royal–Feature
AMP Media-Jakob’s Wife–Feature
ROE-The Sauce of Love–Feature
Hallmark-A Picture Perfect Wedding–Feature
VMI-Sound of Violence–Feature
PBRO-Love In Full Swing–Feature
Hallmark-Designed With Love–Feature
Marshootz Productions-Let ‘Em Play–Feature

October 2020
PBRO-The Santa Squad–Feature
Hallmark-Christmas for Hire–Feature
PBRO-A Romance Wedding–Feature
DC Creative-The Beau’s of Holly–Feature

September 2020
3 Flames Pictures-The Steed–Feature

August 2020
Blue Banner Films-Paranormal Prison–Feature
Sony SPE-Haunted Doll–Feature
Blue Creek Pictures–Black Bear–Feature

July 2020
R.O. Entertainment-Candy Cane Christmas–Feature
Hallmark-A Christmas Break–Feature
Lifetime-Pretty Cheaters Deadly Lies–Feature
Hallmark-Love at Harbor Island–Feature

June 2020
Hallmark-Love’s Second Chance–Feature
Adventourous Pictures Starlit–Feature
Hallmark-My Birthday Romance
Hallmark-The Charm of Love–Feature
Lifetime-Sugar Baby Murders–Feature
Shoreline Entertainment-Blondie Maxwell Never Loses–Feature

May 2020
Hallmark-Blueprint of The Heart–Feature
Hallmark-Starring Christmas–Feature
Cover Proudctions-Love is A Piece of Cake–Feature
Shoreline Entertainment-Blondie Maxwell Never Loses–Feature

April 2020
Lifetime-Birthmother’s Secret–Feature
Lifetime-Deadly Cyberbully–Feature
Ernesto Quintero (Director)-A Sacred Journey–Feature
Paper Street Pictures-The Pale Door–Feature

March 2020
Sim-Unexplained (Season 1)–Feature
History Channel–Oak Island (Season 7)–Series
Valenti Pictures-Bride To Be–Feature
Cartel Pictures-Deadly Cyberbully–Feature
Lifetime-Love at First Flight–Feature

February 2020

MV Films-TKG–Feature
Hallmark Channel-Movie Guide Awards–Special
Pure Flix-The Encounter (Season 2)–Series
MV Films-Light in The Attic–Feature
PBRO-Just For Summer–Feature

January 2020
CBS–The Tim Conway Show–Series
PBRO-The Comeback Kid–Feature
ROP Productions-Love at Sunset Terrace–Feature
Movie Venture-Killer In My Home–Feature
Asylum-Winter In Vail–Feature

December 2019
Hallmark-A Christmas To Cherish–Feature
Acheron-OBOL Productions- Ice Fishing Hardcore Season 2–Series
Ow My Neck Productions-Ciccada The Movie–Feature
DCC-Behind Her Faith–Series
Hallmark-Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Concert–Special

November 2019
Esplanade Pictures-From Zero To I Love You–Feature
Asylum-Mommy Would Never Hurt You–Feature
Shoreline-The Enormity of Life–Feature
Flower Ave. Films-First Day Back–Short
Vietwins Productions-You Have A Nice Flight–Feature

October 2019
Shadow Boxer-My Daughter’s Ransom–Feature
Movie Venture-Sincerly Yours Truly–Feature
PBRO-Starting Up Love–Feature
USA Network-Temptation Island Season 2 (Series)
We TV- Untold Stories of Hiphop Season 1 (Series

September 2019
Reel One-The New Girl–Feature
Lifetime-The Cheerleader Escort–Feature
History Channel-Curse of Oak Island Top 25 Finds–Special

August 2019
My Life Productions-The Dating List–Feature
Catel Pictures-Merry & Bright–Feature
Kylie Garcelon-The Dog Walker–Feature
PBRO-Romance Retreat–Feature

July 2019
Triventrue-Christmas In The Highlands–Feature
PBRO-The Christmas Chalet–Feature
NB Thrilling Films-A Storybook Christmas–Feature
DCC-Escape & Evasion–Feature
DCC-The Beverly’s (Season 1)–Series
Heatpine-Mermaid Down–Feature
PBRO-Killing Your Daughter–Feature
Vision-American War Machine–Series
Vision-Nazi War Machine–Series

June 2019
Infinite Focus-Sunday Girl–Feature
PBRO-Eat Drink & Be Married–Feature
PBRO-Killer in Suburbia–Feature
Vision-March To Victory: Road to Rome
Vision-March to Victory: Road to Berlin

May 2019
PBRO-The Wrong Husband–Feature
Dread Pictures-They’re Inside–Feature
Big Screen Entertainment–Forget About It–Feature
PBRO-Made For You With Love–Feature
Morepro-School Spirits–Feature

April 2019
Iron Compass Films-Do Not Reply–Feature
Cinekat Filmworks-Hesperia–Feature
Windy Isle Products.-Zerbytown (Season 1)–Series

March 2019
North 182nd Prods.-All Good Things–Feature
Lara Media-New Weird Tales–Feature

February 2019
CNN-Unmasking a Killer (Season 1)–Series
K.Silver-All Good Things–Feature
CTRL Press-Daisy–Feature

December 2018
Aurues Pictures-Dark Resonance–Feature
PPI-Gregory Porter-One Night Only–Special

November 2018
Acheron-Obol Productions-Ice Fishing Hardcore (Season 1)–Series

October 2018
Sim-The Curse or Oak Island (Season 6)–Series
Sim-The Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down (Season 4)–Series
PPI- Gosnell (Feature)

September 2018

PPI-Beautifully Broken (Feature)
M. Eiden-Out of Dark–(Feature)
Veon Prism Media-That One Amazing Movie

August 2018
PPI Dust 2 Glory (Trailer)
CBS Distribution-The Carol Burnett Shows (Seasons 1-5 Post)–Series
Unba LLC-Unveliveable!!!!!–Feature
Discovery-Deadliest Catch (Season 14)–Series

July 2018
Discovery-Dealdliest Catch-The Bait (Season 5)–Series
Aloha Prods.-Provence–Feature
Fabrication Films–Navy Seals V. Demons
Windowseat Ent.-Age of Summer–Feature

June 2018

PPI- A Violent Man–Feature
CBS-Scorpion-VAM Reels
A. Dominguez-Turns In The Road–Feature
Seashell Films Production–Sista’s Conversation–Feature

May 2018
NBC-Reasonable Doubt–(Season 2)–Series
CBS-Celebrity Undercover Boss (Season 9)–Series
A&E-Storage Wars L.A. (Season 2)–Series
CNN-Declassified (Season 3)–Series
DCC-24 Hours to Hell & Back (Season 1)–Series

April 2018
Business Lunch Productions-Dry Blood–Feature
History Channel-Ancient Aliens (Season 11)–Series
J. Mason-Lyrics From A Broken Heart–Feature
RMR Productions-The Lurking Man–Feature

March 2018
SGI-Bathtubs Over Broadway–Feature
Darious Cinema-Hollywoudn’ts–Feature

February 2018
Pop- Hollywood Darlings (Season 1)–Series
Hype Media-Pistachio–Feature

February 2018
History Channel-The Curse of Oak Island (Season 5)–Series
Discovery-Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 7)–Series

January 2018
Wacko Productions- The Carol Burnett Show (Seasons 7-9)–Series
TV One-Two Sides (Season 1)–Series
Sonic-Gamers IRL (Season 1)–Series
NBC-Ellen’s Game of Games (Season 1)–Series
2929-The China Hustle (Trailer)–Feature

December 2017
Wacko Productions- The Carol Burnett Show (Seasons 4-6)–Series
South 9- Backfire–Feature
Hallmark Channel-Sharing Christmas–(Feature4)
The Olympic Channel-Olympic Promo Videos–(Special)

November 2017
Wacko Productions-The Carol Burnett Show (Seasons 1-3)–Series
Uproxx-The Core (Season 1)–Series
Discovery-Wheeler Dealers (Season 14) Series

October 2017

Abrupt Films-Cartel–Feature
Echo Bridge Ent.-Pottersville –Feature
Visionz Ent.-Skybound –Feature
Echo Bridge Ent.-The Better Hal –Feature

September 2017

Walker/Cable Productions-Bordercross –Feature
Echo Bridge Ent.-The Road–Feature
Sonic-Oh Rick!–Feature
Tostado Productions- F.L.A.–Feature
Travis Long Director-B-Roll–Feature

August 2017

DCC- Killer Son-In-Law–Feature
Karlfeldt Group-True Health (Season 2)–Series

July 2017
Burn Later Productions-Lemon–Trailer
Afterburner Ent.-Another Time–Feature
CNN-Unmasking a Killer (Season 1)–Series

June 2017

Nathan Hill-ROTC–Feature
Magnolia-Whose Streets–Feature
2929-Please Stand By–Feature
U Ground-ICP Shockumentary–Feature
DCC-Deceptive Boyfriend Dailies–Feature

May 2017

TFP-Primal Rage–Feature
A Walk on Water-Holy Hustle–Feature
Countless Hours-The Whole New Everything–Feature
Lifetime-The Wrong Neighbor–Feature
Maria Abraham Pictures-Accidental Muse–Feature

April 2017

CSE-Sir Tim & The WWW–Feature
Circle 8 Productions-This is L.A. (Season 1)–Series
Missing Peace Pictures-Dreams I Never Had–Feature

March 2017

DCC-They Want Dick Dickster–Feature
Summerland Productions–WTF–Feature
Milman Produtions-Inoperable–Feature

February 2017

More Productions-Ameilia 2.0–Feature
Ivan Peric Director-Saints–Feature
Ivan Peric Director-The Place Where The Last Man Died–Feature
ML Global-Sanctuary–Feature

January 2017

Oddsey Media-Deadly Lessons–Feature
Epix-Election Day–Feature
Comedy Central-Comedy Roast Battle (Season 1)–Series
Candlelight Media-An Hour Behind–Feature
Jose Perez Director- 1 1/2 Hora–Feature
Chandra Gerson Director-Book of Choices–Feature
Deep Wells Productions-The Gospel According to Bart–Feature
Alessandro Baccini Director-A Reason to Fight–Feature
Anvil-Transition of Power-The Presidency–Special
TLC-Little People Big World (Season 12)–Series
DCC-Vows of Madness–Feature

December 2016
History Channel-The Curse of Oak Island (Season 4)–Series
Tom Block Director-Mosquito: A Fistful of Bitcoins–Feature
Rita Marie Lawlor Director-The Last Show –Feature
The Karlfeldt Group-True Health (Seasons 1 & 2)

November 2016
Hallmark Channel-Broadcasting Christmas–Feature
Oxygen-3 Days to Live (Seaon 1)–Series
Comedy Central-Workaholics (Season 7)–Series
TF Post-The Lost Tapes: Pearl Harbor–Special

October 2016

Chesapeake Films-Dino Costa: Truth Unscripted–Feature
Burce Kirchenbaum Producer-Grave Walkers–Feature
Hallmark Channel-2016 Hero Dog Awards–Special
PBS-The Music of Christmas w/ Eamonn McCrystle–Special
Salient Clear Entertainment-The 2nd Law–Feature

September 2016
CBS-The Case of JonBenet Ramsey–Special
Dream Division Productions-Sirens & Screams–Feature
C.E. Richard-In the Mind of The Maker–Feature
Comedy Central-Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe–Special
Animal Planet-Project Grizzly (Season 1)–Series
NH Productions-Apocalypse Canoe–Feature
Comedy Central-This is Not Happening (Season 3)
IFC-Brockmire (Season 1)–Series
Comedy Central-Pete Davidson SMD–Special

August 2016
Hip Films-Burn–Feature
BET-Real Husbands of Hollywood (Season 5)–Series
Salient Clear Pictures-Music to Madness–Feature
Discovery-Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 6)–Series
Fly On The Wall-Battle of The Ex-Besties (Season 1)–Series

July 2016
The History Channel-D.B. Cooper Case Closed?–Special
Dean Karalekas Director-The Curse of Lady X–Feature
Cold Chicago Productions-Velvet Prisons–Feature
Nat Geo Wild-Animal ER (Season 1)–Series
Comedy Central-God Damn Comedy Jam–Special
Discovery Network-Beyond Geek (Season 1)–Series
Mayor Entertainment-My Summer Prince–Feature

June 2016
History Channel-Ancient Aliens (Season 9)–Series
Spike TV-2016 Guys Choice Awards–Special
Brittney Armstrong Director-The Demon Inside–Feature
Martin House Films-Little Mermaid–Feature

May 2016
Has lll Production- Hybrids–Feature
Hot Pixel-Search Engines–Feature
TLC- Little People Big World (Season 2) -Series
RJF Productions-Chasing Rainbows–Feature

April 2016
Tanabi Productions – By Any Name–Feature
Oxygen-Snapped:She Made Me Do It (Season 2)–Series
Digital Thunderdome: The Possession Experiment–Feature
Sonic-Missing Dial (Season 1)–Series

March 2016
Apple-Bob Dylan: No Direction Home–Feature
Robert Wilson Video Portrait-Lady Gaga: Flying–Special
Vision Films-Beyond The Talent (Season 1)–Series
We TV-Kendra on Top (Season 5)–Series

Feburary 2016
J. Taylor Productions-Romeo & Romeo–Feature
T. Hutson (Director)-The Id–Feature
Animal Planet-Tree House Masters (Season 5)–Feature
Comedy Central-Adam Devine’s House Party (Season 3)–Series

January 2016
Restless Nomad Films-Attack of The Killer Donuts–Feature
Hallmark Channel-When Duty Calls–Feature
History Channel-The Curse of Oak Island (Season 3)–Series

December 2015

Nat Geo-Animal Storm Squad (Season 1) –Series
Fuse-Saturday Morning Fever (Season 1)–Series
Nat GEO-Animal Storm Squad (Season 1)–Series
Discovery-Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 5)–Series

November 2015
Lesson 1 Entertainment-The Wake–Feature
Comedy Central-Workaholics (Season 6)–Series

October 2015
Asylum-Fortune Cookie (Feature)
GSN-Hellavator (Season 2)–Series
Disalmanic Films-You, Your Brian, & You–Feature
History Channel-The Curse of Oak Island (Season 3)–Feature
Zero Media-This is Happening-Feature

September 2015
Eli Tahan-The Zwicky’s–Feature
CNN- United Shades of America (Season 1) -Series
Empirical Pictures- The Wake -Feature

August 2015
TLC- My Giant Life, Big Updates -Special
TLC- Little People Big World (Season 1) -Series
TLC -Our Little Family (Season 2) -Series
IFC- Gigi Does It (Season 1) -Series
Comedy Central- Steve Rannazissi, Breaking Dad -Special
Oxygen- Snapped (She Made Me Do It) Season 1 -Series
Mighty AP Ent. -The Last Trip -Feature
Adler & Assocs.- Dogmouth -Featuref

July 2015
CNF Productions- Summer Colony -Feature
Image Principle Studios- Special Cops -Feature
Creative Studios of Atlanta- Santa’s Boot Camp -Feature
Crossing Hollow Films- Awakened -Feature
Mancha Films- Indigo -Feature
Big Whiskey Pictures- Downshift -Feature
Enlight Pictures- Hollywood Adventures -Feature

June 2015
CW-Masters of Illujsion (Season 2)-Series
HBO- Sex On (Season 1)- Series
OLN Canada- Fail Army (Season 2)-Series
Showtime- Gigolos (Season 6)-Series
Escapology- Dragon Warriors -Feature
Warner Bros.- 2 Broke Girls (Gag Reel and Deleted Scenes) -SpecialMay 2015
We-Mary Mary (Season 4)–Series
E-Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (Season 3)–Series
Associated TV-Don’t Blink (Season 1)–Series
We-Kendra On Top (Season 3)–Series

April 2015
Fox Sports-Ball Up (Season 1)–Series
Warner Bros.-Pretty Little Liars Extras–Special
A&E-8 Minutes (Season 1)–Series
The History Channel-Blood & Glory: The Civil War in Color–Special

March 2015
Spike-Lip Sync Battle (Season 1)–Series
Nat Geo-Everything You Didn’t Know About Animals (Season 1)–Series
Noteworthy Productions-The Backseat–Feature
PBS-Hikes You Can Take–Pilot

February 2015
CBS-Victoria’s Secret Swim Special–Special
Warner Bros.-Pretty Little Liars: Celebrating a Pretty 100–Special
Formula Features-6 Ways to Sundown–Feature
CS Editorial-American Girl–Feature
Lifetime-My Haunted House (Season 1)–Series
ABC-Repeat After Me (Season 1)–Series
Red Tree Productions-The House Across The Street–Feature

January 2015
LWF Films-Adrenaline–Feature
K-Rom Pictures-Astray–Feature

Group Hug Productions-Underdog Kids–Feature
The CW-2015 World Dog Awards–Special
Discovery Channel-Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 4)–Series
Comedy Central-This Is Not Happening (Season 1)–Series
Travel Channel-Snack Like a Local–Special

December 2014
The Kennedy Center-Kennedy Center Honors 1978-2002–Specials
History Channel-Swamp People (Season 6)–Series
Comedy Central-Comedy Central Roasts (Various)–Specials
History Channel-The Science of Interstellar–Special
Hallmark Channel-Heart of The Matter–Feature
Elizabeth Rogers-Hot Water–Feature
Caltex Films-A Horse Tail–Feature

November 2014
Comedy Central-Workaholics (Season 5)–Series
FYI TV-Late Night Chef Fight (Season 1)–Series
Big Shot Music Group-Ghetto Corner–Music Video

October 2014
WB Home Video-Pretty Little Liars: Celebrating a Pretty 100–Special
Picture Zero Entertainment-Les Wolf aka Dark Moon Rising–Feature
PBS-Kristen Chenoweth: Copming Home–Special

September 2014
TF Post-Book Club–Feature
Nat Geo-Cesar Millan: Viva Las Vegas
PBS-American Masters: Bing Crosby Rediscovered
Leonian Productions-By God’s Grace–Feature
Indiegogo Productions-To Sane For This World–Feature
Indiegogo Productions-Citizen Autistic–Feature

August 2014
Larry Levinson Productions-Rescuing Madison–Feature
PBS-Fidel Castro: The Lost Tapes–Special
PBS-Make Your Mark (Season 1)–Series
PBS-Craft In America (Season 6)–Series
Paula Deen Network-Recipe Pods-Special

July 2014
Comedy Central-Adam Devine’s House Party (Season 2)–Series
Tru TV-Way Out West (Season 1)–Series
Revival Films-Blinder–Feature
MP Filmcraft / BW Films-To Go Viking–Feature
Stellar Motion Pictures-The Principle–Feature

June 2014
Palmstar Entertainment-Jenny’s Wedding–Feature
Tru TV-Fake Off Sizzle Reels (Season 1)–Feature
Associated Television-Masters of Illusion (Season 1)–Series
Spike TV-2014 Guy’s Choice Awards–Special
Associated Television-Sharkmania–Special
Warner Bros. Television-Interview w/ A Vampire Bonus Material–Special
Warner Bros. Television-Never Ending Story Bonus Material–Special

May 2014
Eric Martin (Director)-Acting Like Adults–Feature
Pebbles LLC-K9 Adventures of The Lost Gold–Feature
Seth Camillo (Director)-Gridiron Heroes–Feature

April 2014
Tri-Coast Pictures-Heavenly Sword–Feature
Lucid Pictures-Mischief Night–Feature
Tree Falls Post-Pretty Little Liars at Paleyfest–Special

March 2014
History Channel-America’s Book of Secrets (Season 3)-Series
Tree Falls Post-The Adventures of Roborex–Feature
The Exchange-Supremacy–Feature
AMC-Game of Arms (Season 1)–Series

February 2014
Tree Falls Post-Gossip Girls at Paleyfest–Special
Hallmark-The Michaels–Feature
Own-Deion’s Family Playbook (Season 1)–Series
TBS-CeeLo Green’s The Good Life (Season 1)–Series

January 2014
History Channel-Swamp People (Season 5)–Series
A&E-Beypmd Scared Straight (Season 5)–Series
Showtime-Gigolos (Season 5)–Series

December 2013
Warner Bros.-Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Promo Reel (Special)
1895 Films-Heist (Season 1)–Series
Jenkev Productions-The Silent Thief–Feature
Out There Films-Distances–Feature

November 2013
CSE-The Big Deal (Pilot)
A&E Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne (Season 1)–Series

October 2013
PBS-Craft In America (Season 5)–Series
A&E-American Jungle (Season 1)–Series

September 2013
Legendary Pictures-The Hangover 3 Bonus Material–Special
Frame 29 Films-Sons of Liberty–Feature
Sandia Media-The Odd Way Home–Feature
PBS-Genealogy Road Show (Season 1)–Series
TLC-My Five Wives (Season 1) –Series
Warner Bros.-Getaway Clip Reel–Special
TLC/OWN-The Customer Is Always Right (Season 1)–Series

August 2013
Sonic-Parking Games–Pilot

Lyric Films-Straight Outta Thompkins–Feature
Angry Man Productions-Angry White Man–Feature
Stardust Pictures-Maladies–Feature
Biography-The Ghost Inside My Child (Season 1)–Series

July 2013
NBC-Hollywood Game Night (Season 1)–Series
USA Network-Summer Camp (Season 1)–Series
Style Network-Big Rich Texas (Season 4)–Series
Warner Bros.-House Party 5: Tonight’s the Night–Special
Sonic P-The Hiring Squad–Pilot
Showtime-Polyamory (Season 2)–Series
Atlas-Meltdown (Season 1)–Series
Tru-TV-Kentucky Bidders (Season 1)–Series

June 2013
Warner Bros.-The Middle: Deleted Scenes–Special
5th St. Films-Fifth St.–Feature
The CW Network-Perfect Score (Season 1)–Series
TV One-R&B Divas Reunion–Special
History 2-All You Can Eat (Season 1)–Series
The Next Shot LLC-Pitching Hope–Feature
ABC Family-A Big Love Story–Feature

May 2013
Studio 13-Hysterical Psycho–Feature
Realitivity-Felt (Season 1)–Series
Asylum-Atlantic Rim–Feature
Spike-Fight Master-Bellator MMA (Season 1)–Series
TF Post-Listed & Twisted–Pilot

April 2013
The Travel Channel-Hot Film Sets–Special
MTV-Buckwild WV to NYC–Special
The Stevens Co.-Herblock-The Black & The White–Feature
John Ross Associates-Planet 360 (Season 1)–Series
Oxygen-I’m Having Their Baby (Season 2)–Series

March 2013
Michael Singh Productions-Valentino’s Ghost–Feature
NBC-Fashion Star (Season 1)–Series
Shoreliner Entertainment-In Bloom–Feature
Shapeshifter-Deep Powder–Feature
Warner Bros.-House Party 5 Clip Reel–Special
SD Media-Road Less Traveled (Season 2)–Series
TF Post-Nobody Can Cool–Feature

PBS-American Masters: Mel Brooks–Special
Wilder Productions-Los Wild Ones–Feature
Shapeshifter-The Surrogate–Feature
NBC-The Biggest Loser (Season 14)–Series
Style Network-City Girl Diaries (Season 1)–Series
ABC Family-Pretty Dirty Secrets Clip Reel–Special

January 2013
OWN-Blackboard Wars (Season 1)–Series
No Productions-Cubamerican–Feature
Perfect Films-White T–Feature
Hallmark Channel-Marie–Ongoing Series
BET–UNCF Evening With The Stars–Special
Jack The Giant Killer–Feature
Eddie Schmidt Productions-Valentine Road–Feature
Style Network-Big Rich Atlanta (Season 1)–Series
Discovery-Shipwreck Men–Series
PBS-Tavis Smiley: Education Under Arrest–Special

December 2012
Asylum-500 MPH Storm–Feature
CBS-2012 Kennedy Center Honors–Special
Larry Levinson Productions-Playing Father–Feature
Spike-2012 Video Game Awards–Feature
Mutt Productions-The Return of Johnnie V.–Feature

November 2012
BET-Reed Between The Lines–Seriews
Discovery Channel-Alaska: The Last Frontier–Series
Arroyo Films-Donner Pass–Feature
Spike-Eddie Murphy: One Night Only–Special
Nat Geo-Hell On The Highway (Season 1)–Feature
PBS-Nova: Ultimate Mars Challenge–Special

October 2012
Justin Price Director-The Cloth–Feature
TF Post-Into The Dark–Feature
TF Post-Guillotine Guys, and New In Town–Short Films
Todd Johnson Director-The Rental–Feature
Syfy Network-Total Blackout (Season 2)–Series
Style Network-Big Rich Texas (Season 3)–Series

September 2012
Lifetime-Stalked at 17–Feature
Vuguru-Greetings From Home–Feature
Soyuz Multfilm-Jungle Book (Russian Version)–Feature
Sundance Channel-The Mortified Sessions–Full Season
PBS-Craft in America (Season 4)
Shapeshifter Post-Occupied–Feature
Jove Films-Jungle Book–Feature
Zoo FX-Angies List–Commercial Spots

August 2012
SD Media-The Road Less Traveled (Season 1)–Series
Sundance Channel-The Mortified Sessions (Season 1)–Series
ABC-3 (Season 1)–Series
TF Post-A Christmas Story 2–Clip Reel

July 2012
McManus Bros. Productions-Funeral Kings–Feature
Vuguru Productions-The Booth at The End (Seasons 1 & 2) Series
TF Post-What to Expect When You Are Expecting–Clip Reel
DIY Network-Hollywood Builders: Total Recall–Special
Shapeshifter Post-Crawlspace–Feature
Larry Levinson Productions-Strawberry Summer–Feature

June 2012
AFI-AFI’s Tribute to Shirley MacLaine–Special
Larry Levinson Productions-Puppy Love–Feature
PBS-From Dust To Dream: The Smith Center–Special
Comedy Central-Jeff Ross–Roasting America–Special
Fox-Take Me Out (Season 1)–Series
TF Post-Ted Bundy: The Death Row Tapes–Special
We-TV Kendra on Top (Season 1)–Series

May 2012
TF Post-LOL, & Gossip Girl Turns 100–Special
Nat Geo-Big Baboon House(Season 1)–Series
Discovery-Hitler’s Secret War on America–Speci
Project 8 Films-American Idiots–Feature

April 2012
MTV-Inside Punk’d–Special
Kymyra Films-One in The Chamber–Feature
PBS-American Masters: Johnny Carson:King of Late Night–Special
Hallmark Channel-Meddling Mom’s–Feature
TF Post-Dirty Work–Special
TV Guide Channel-Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On (Season 1)–Series

March 2012
PBS-Craft In America (Season 4)–Feature
Dawson Productions-Teatherball–Feature
MH Studios-Steve Job igenius–Feature
MH Studios-Titanic: 100 Years On–Feature
Discovery-Unchained Reaction (Season 1)–Series
Dagen Productions-On Patrol (Season 4)–Series
Hallmark Channel-Chasing Leprechauns–Feature
Discovery- My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Season 2)–Series
Geoff Haines Productions-Earth: The Operators Manual–Series
TLC-Rambug (Season 1)–Series
Comedy Central-Jo Koy: Lights Out–Special
Discovery-Japan’s Tsunami: Tales of Terror–Special

Feb. 2012
TLC-Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder–Pilot
Style Network-Big Rich Texas (Season 2)–Series
Hallmark Channel-Cupid Inc.–Feature
History Channel-Top Gear(Season 2 Pt. 2)–Series
Comedy Central-Paul F. Tompkins: Laboring Under Delusion–Special

Jan. 2012
TLC-World’s Oldest Teenager–Series
CBS-69th Golden Globe Awards–Special
Syfy Network-Face Off (Season 2)–Series
Hallmark-Safe House–Feature
CW Network-Remodeled–Feature
Old Post Films-Wild Hearts–Feature
CW Network-Remodeled (Season 1)–Series

Dec. 2011
CBS-2011 Kennedy Center Honors–Special
Discovery-America’s Book of Secrets: The Monuments–Special
Bankside Films-Jig–Feature
Hallmark-Walter & Henry–Feature
CBS-Undercover Boss (Season 3)–Series
Nickelodeon-Yo Gabba Gabba–Series
Dagean-On Patrol–Series
Discovery-All Star Dealers (Season 1)–Series

Nov. 2011
ABC-2011 American Music Awards–Special
Hallmark-The Song Spinner–Feature
Discovery-Alaska The Last Frontier-Series
TV Guide Channel-Wilson Phillips Show–Pilot
Vuguru-Little Women Big Cars–Feature
Discovery-My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas–Special
Hallmark-The Westing Game–Feature
PBS-Woody Allen: A Documentary–Feature
Vuguru-The Millionaire Tour–Feature
Hallmark- When Time Expires–Feature
DMN Films- Dead Inside– Feature
Chainsaw-This Space Available (Feature)

October 2011
Hallmark Channel-Celebration Table (Season 1)
Spike TV-2011 Scream Awards Hallmark Channel-Witches Daughter (Feature)
HBO-The Ricky Gervais Show-October 2011 RHI Entertainment-Legend of The Lost Tomb (Feature)
Hallmark-Annie Claus is Coming To Town (Feature)-October 2011 RHI Entertainment-North Shore Fish (Feature)
Hallmark-Lily Dale (Feature)

September 2011
Inc. (Feature)
RHI Entertainment-The Legend Of Gator Face (Feature)
Comedy Central-The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen-(Special)
Showtime-End of Summer (Feature)
Comedy Central-Carlos Mencia: New Territory-(Special)
Penn & Teller Tell A Lie (Season 1)-Series
RHI Entertainment-Hidden In America-(Feature)

August 2011
National Geographic-Rock Stars (Season 1)
ABC-Food For Thought (Season 1)
RHI Entertainment-Fatal Error (feature)
147 Films-Water Wars-(Feature)
RHI Entertainment-Gadgetman (feature)-
Imaginaut Entertainment-Popatopolis-(Feature)
TF Post -Friends With Benefits Special Features-(Special)
Nat. Geo.-Lost Continent of The Pacific-(Special)

July 2011
TLC-Braxton Family Values Season 1-Series
Hallmark Channel-Lily in Love (Feature)
History Channel-Top Gear (Season 2)-Series
Style Network-Big Rich Texas (Season 1)-Series
Planet Greenl-Detroit in Overdrive (Season 1)-Series
Oprah Winfrey Network-Extraordinary Acts of Courage(Season 1)-Series
PBS-Cuisine Culture (Season 1)-Series
Participant Media-Last Call At The Oasis (Feature)
Lifetime-Hef’s Runaway Bride-Special
Warner Premeire-A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song (Feature)

June 2011
New Films-A Novel Romance-Feature
Digital Copy Services-Time Was: The 1960-Special
Pioneers of The New West-A’int In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm-Feature
TF Post-Izzy & Moe (Feature)
TF Post-Martha Stewart’s 4th of July-Special
HBO-Stone Temple Pilots Live In Chicago 2010-Special
Comedy Central-Tosh.O (Season 2)-Series

May 2011
Hub TV-The Game of Life (Season 1)-Series
TLC-My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Season 1)
Fox-Master Chef (Season 1)-Series
Comedy Central-The Nick Kroll Show (Pilot)
Equilibrium Entertainment-Discover The Gift (Feature)
AOL-Gisele & The Green Team-Special
The Travel Channel-Sand Masters-Series

April 2011
Verite’ Films-The Putt Putt Syndrome (Feature)
Nickelodeon-Supah Ninjas (Season 1)
Liberty Road Entertainment-Black White & Blues (Feature)
TF Post-Fortune Finders (Pilot)
CRV-Modelball: AKA The Girls of Summer(Feature)
The Scii-Fi Channel-Fact or Faked

March 2011
Fuse-2011 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony-Special
Oprah Winfrey Network-Extraordinary Moms-Special
Birch Tree Entertainment-The Portal (feature)
Oxygen Media-Las Vegas Bachelorette Party (Season 1)-Series
Comedy Central-Give It Up For Greg Giraldo-Special

February 2011
Discovery Network-Texas Drug Wars-Series
ABC Family-Pretty Little Liars Video-Special
Steel Spyda-Megafactories: Jaguar XJ-Series
TLC-Babies Behind Bars-Special
NBC-Who Do You Think Your Are-Series
CRV-Imagine a School…Summerhill (Feature)
CRV-In The Shadows (Feature)-February 2011

January 2011
The Discovery Channel-The Science of Lust-Series
CBS-68th Golden Globe Awards-Special
Knightscove Pictures-Sophie (Feature)
Shapshifter-Darkening Sky (Feature)

December 2010
NASA & IMAX-Magnificent Desolation: Walking On The Moon
Buzzkill Productions-Buzzkill (Feature)
Shapeshifter-History on Tap (Pilot)
CBS-2010 Kennedy Center Honors
TV Land-Hot In Clevland: Behind The Hotness
Roush Media-Yellow Brick Road (Feature)
TF Post-Jesse James: Blacksmith-
Copy Right Video-Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie-

November 2010
Shapeshifter-The Science of Fear
History Channel-The Real Story of Christmas
Dick Clark Productions-2010 American Music Awards-
BET-UNCF’s Tribute to Chaka Khan-
Tree Falls Post-Enough Already-
Prometheus Entertainment-The President’s Book of Secrets
History Channel-The Real Story of Thanksgiving-
Soda Pictures-Everything (Feature)-
Film Afrika Worldwide-Endgame (Feature)-

October 2010
PBS-Home Made Simple (Season #8)-
Turner Classic Moviesl-History of Hollywood: Moguls & Movie Stars (Entire Season)-
PBS-Ancient Aliens-
Steel Spyda Productions-Restless Planet: Epic Journeys-
History Channel-The Real Story of Halloween
Steel Spyda / National Geographic Channel-Megastructures (Entire Season)-
Food Network-Private Chefs of Beverly Hills Season 2-

September 2010
National Geographic Channel-X-Prize Cars: Accelerating the Future-
Tree Falls Post-Contagion A.K.A Bioslime(Feature)-
The Institution / Nickelodeon -Supah Ninja’s (Pilot)-

August 2010
Audio Post & Picture -Expecting Mary (Feature)-
DNA Inc. -Stand Up To Cancer-

July 2010

Pasofino Productions-Venus & Vegas (Feature)-
PBS-Home Made Simple
Atlas Digital-Growing Up Twisted (Season1)-

June 2010
AFI-AFI’s Tribute to Mike Nichols-
Bravo TV-Bethenny Getting Married-
Timecode Multimedia-Battle of The Wedding Planners-
Atlas Digital-Action: The A Team-
Deon Taylor Ent. -Nite Tales-

May 2010
Bravos-Real Housewives of NYC-
Tree Falls Post-Through The Worm Hole w/ Morgan Freeman (8 episodes)
Mean Time Productions-Being Michael Madsen (feature)-
Crispy Films-Spooner (feature)-
TLC-One Big Happy Family (Seasons 1 & 2)-
Atlas Digital-My Ghost Story-

April 2010
Copy Right Video-No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School (Feature)-
Incentive Films-Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (Feature)-
France 3-Vu Du Ciel (View From the Sky) Entire Series –
Food Network-Private Chefs of Beverly Hills (Full Season)-
National Geographic Channel-Delta Divers-

March 2010
Copy Right Video-Adventure Scouts (Feature)-
Fuse-2010 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony-
History Channel-Prehistoric Assassin’s: Blood in the Water-
WE TV-Platinium Weddings-
Comedy Central-Drawn Together Movie: The Movie-

February 2010

The History Channel-The Nostradamus Effect (Full Season)-
Tree Falls Post-Worlds Most Amazing-

October 2009

Country Music Television-All Jacked Up-August 2009

DVS-Nick Swardson Seriously…-
August 2009

Roush Media-Heist (Feature)-August 2009

Tree Falls Post-Popular Science’s The Future of…(Full Season)-
August-October 2009

Shapeshifter Post-PBS’s Craft In America-August 2009

CCI Digital-Rob Zombie’s Halloween (Feature)-
July 2009

Asylum Entertainment-American Gangster Season 2-July 2009

Georgia Media-Tiny ‘N Toya Season 1-
July 2009

Weinstein Co. LLC-True True Lie (Feature)-June 2009

CCI-Corrado (Feature)-
June 2009

Base Productions-Sport Science-June-July 2009

BET-American Gangster Season 1-
June 2009

Dick Clark Productions-So You Think You Can Dance-June 2009

CCI Digital -Jesse James Is A Dead Man-
June-July 2009

TV Land-AFI’s Tribute To Michael Douglas-June 2009

NBC Universal -Law And Order Season 1 (20 Episodes)-
June 2009

72nd St. Productions-The Vicious Kind (Feature)-June 2009

CCI Digital-Crime 360-June-July 2009

Roush Media-The Telling (Feature)-June 2009

National Geographic-Prehistoric Predators: Razorback Hyenadon –
June 2009

NBC Universal-Law And Order Season 8 (24 Episodes)-May 2009

Copy Right Video-Jeff Garcia’s Low Budget Comedy –
May 2009

History Channel-Angels & Demons Decoded-May2009

CBS-The Ghost Whisperer (and other network programs)-
Mar.-April 2009

Chainsaw Edit- 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony-April 2009

Michael Korbic-No Time To Fear (Feature)-
April 2009

Sonic Pool- Weathergirl (Feature)-April 2009

Roush Media-Crushed (Feature)-
April 2009

Black Valley Films- The Garden (Documentary Feature)
March 2009

Plateau Pictures-Beneath The Cristo (Feature)-
March 2009

Sixteenth Section Pictures- Live Animals (Feature)
December 2008-January 2009

The Discovery Channel-The Science of Sex Appeal-
December 2008

Desert Moon Films- Road of No Return (Feature)
December 2008-January 2009

Reelz Channel- Secrets Out with Leonard Maltin-(And all other Network Programming)
Nov.2007-Feb. 2009

The Incubator Productions-Idiot Hall of Fame (Pilot)
December 2008

National Geographic Channel.- Wild on Tape
November 2008

NBC Universal – Law & Order Seasons 6 & 7
November 2008-January 2009 (42 Episodes)

The Discovery Channel:- JFK: Inside The Target Car.
November 2008

Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligea (Feature)
September, November 2008

The Discovery Channel:- Hubble & Beyond.
Sept 2008

Sonic Pool — Various Titles
August 2008-June 2009 (Ongoing Project)
BBC-TV- Dawn Porter Extreme Wife
(Full Season) Sept. 2008

Tree Falls Post-The History Channel
Strange History a.k.a. Strange Rituals
June-September 2008 (Full Season)

Different by Design-Chasing 3000
(Feature) May-June 2008

Mess Media-Pros Vs. Joes
Spike TV Jan.-Mar. 2008
< Enliven Entertainment-ZZ Top Live From Texas Feb. 2008

HD Digital Creative -Dead & Gone (Feature)
December 2007

Level Blue Productions -Valley of Angels (Feature)
December 2007

* Some projects were contracted by us by the Studios or Facilties listed, or by Directors or Producers who were working with said places.

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