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A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

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June 2024
Operation Nutcracker–Feature
Paranormal Nobodies–Pilot

May 2024
Please After You–Feature
How We Ended Us–Feature
The Fabulous Show w/Fay & Fluffy (Season 2)–Series

April 2024
Frederick Douglass: My Path to Freedom–Feature
Skinwalker Ranch: Behind The Gates (Season 5)–Series
Miami Listening Party–Special

March 2024
Rendevous In Paris–Feature
The Voicemail–Feature
Attache Hong Kong–Series

February 2024
UnXplained w/William Shatner Season 4–Series
The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch (Season 5)–Series

January 2024
Ancient Aliens (Season 16) –Series
26th Family Film & TV Awards–Special

December 2023
91st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade–Special

November 2023
Psycho Ex–Feature
The Birds Who Fear Death–Feature

October 2023
Home Plate–Feature
Loteria Loca (Season 1)–Series
Raid The Cage (Season 1)–Series

September 2023
Ancient Aliens Specials (Season 2)–Series
Oak Island (Season 11)–Series
Oak Island Special (Season 11)–Series

August 2023
Masters of Illusion (Season 10)–Series

July 2023
The Wolves of Savin Hill–Feature

June 2023
Angel Baby–Feature
America’s Funniest Animals (Season 4)–Series

June 2023
Skinwalker Ranch (Season 4)–Series
Ancient Aliens (Season 15)–Series

May 2023
That’s a Wrap–Feature
The Getback–Feature
Blades of Darkness–Feature

April 2023
Lucky Louie–Feature

March 2023
Pig Little Lies–Feature
Blippi’s Big Dino Adventure (Trailer)

February 2023
Assault on Hill 400–Feature
Seepers Powers, Mystery of The Blue Pearls–Feature

January 2023
CW-Worlds Funniest Animals — Series
Always Lola–Feature
Brink OF–Feature
CW-Totally Weird & Funny–Series
Side FX Partners-Seapers Powers: Mystery of The Blue Pearls–Feature
Asylum-Assault on Hill 400–Feature

December 2022
CW-Worlds Funniest Animals — Series
Finding Love in Bogota– Feature

November 2022
NBC-Night Court (new) Full Season 1 — Series

October 2022
Superfan (Season 1)–Series

September 2022
Pit Boy–Feature

August 2022
The Tooth Hurts (Seasons 1-3) –Series
Ancient Aliens (Season 14)–Series
Oak Island Season Preview Special–Special

July 2022
Nat Geo-Trafficked Season 1 – Series
Filmtribe-A Savannah Haunting – Feature
If I could Ride – Feature

June 2022
Chad (Season 1)–Series
Skinwalker Ranch (Season 1)–Series
Unexplained (Season 3)–Series

May 2022
Baby Girl–Short Film
All The World is Asleep–Feature

April 2022
No Ordinary Life–Feature
Baby Girl–Short Feature

March 2022
Grey Hat Productions-Cat Daddies–Feature
Tied With One Hand–Feature

February 2022
Something In The Dirt–Feature
Film Mode-They Crawl Beneath–Feature

January 2022
History-Ancient Aliens (Season 14)–Series
History Channel–Oak Island (Season 9)–Series
The Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down (Season 9)–Series

December 2021
Netflix-True Story (Season 1)–Series
History-Beyond Oak Island (Season 2)–Series
HBO-Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Return to Hogwarts–Special
Morgan Peter Brown-Glorious–Feature

November 2021
James Pratt-Malibu Crush–Feature

October 2021
GAC Family-Welcome To The Great American Christmas–Special
Hallmark-American Humane Hero Dog Awards–Special
Side FX-Bleu Jay’s Treasure–Feature
Nilsson Films-Howlin’ Refrain–Feature

September 2021
Wild Dream Lab-American Cherry–Feature

August 2021
NBC-Family Game Fight (Season 1)– Series
History-Ancient Aliens (Season 13)–Series

July 2021
Summer Hill-Earth Mother–Feature
NM Lee-Sleight–Feature

June 2021
BET-First Wives Club (Season 2)–Series
R. Manfred-Hardest Day–Feature
Nat Geo-Russia’s Wild Tiger–Special

May 2021
ROE-Falling In Love For Christmas–Feature
Hallmark-Snowed in For Christmas–Feature
Hallmark-Love & Chocolate–Feature
ROE-Always A Bridesmaid–Feature
Hallmark-Fishing For Love–Feature

April 2021
Oxygen-Flordia Man Murders (Season 1)–Series
Safier Entertainment-Fair Market Value–Feature
Lifetime-Secrets of A Gold Digger Killer–Feature
ROE-Fishing For Love–Feature

March 2021
HMC-Under A Lover’s Moon–Feature
Diloo-Comedy Shutdown–Pilot
Lifetime-Snatched From Mommy–Feature
PBRO-Love On The Road–Feature

February 2021
HMC-Love Bubbles & Crystal Cove–Feature
PBRO-Paper Hearts–Feature
Hallmark-Love Stories in Sunflower Valley–Feature
HMC-The Rulebook of Love–Feature
Premiere-Love Found at Whitbrook–Feature

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

January 2021
PBRO-Cheer For Your Life–Feature
Unquiet Films-Unquiet–Feature
Hallmark-Love On The Vine–Feature
ROE-On Hold For Love–Feature

December 2020
UMC Original Features-Love On A 2 Way Street–Feature
PBRO-Put A Ring On It–Feature
Endeavor Media-Heir–Feature
ROE-A Whirlwind Wedding–Feature
Hallmark-A Glenbrooke Christmas–Feature
HMC-Love At Cedar Creek–Feature
ROE-Love’s Match–Feature
PBRO Love Upstream–Feature
PBRO-Love In Translation–Feature

November 2020
Hallmark-Remembering Love–Feature
Son of Oakland Productions-My Father Belize–Feature
Lifetime-A Homemade Christmas–Feature
Chris Johnson Films–Journey to Royal–Feature
AMP Media-Jakob’s Wife–Feature
ROE-The Sauce of Love–Feature
Hallmark-A Picture Perfect Wedding–Feature
VMI-Sound of Violence–Feature
PBRO-Love In Full Swing–Feature
Hallmark-Designed With Love–Feature
Marshootz Productions-Let ‘Em Play–Feature

October 2020
PBRO-The Santa Squad–Feature
Hallmark-Christmas for Hire–Feature
PBRO-A Romance Wedding–Feature
DC Creative-The Beau’s of Holly–Feature

September 2020
3 Flames Pictures-The Steed–Feature

August 2020
Blue Banner Films-Paranormal Prison–Feature
Sony SPE-Haunted Doll–Feature
Blue Creek Pictures–Black Bear–Feature

July 2020
R.O. Entertainment-Candy Cane Christmas–Feature
Hallmark-A Christmas Break–Feature
Lifetime-Pretty Cheaters Deadly Lies–Feature
Hallmark-Love at Harbor Island–Feature

June 2020
Hallmark-Love’s Second Chance–Feature
Adventourous Pictures Starlit–Feature
Hallmark-My Birthday Romance
Hallmark-The Charm of Love–Feature
Lifetime-Sugar Baby Murders–Feature
Shoreline Entertainment-Blondie Maxwell Never Loses–Feature

May 2020
Hallmark-Blueprint of The Heart–Feature
Hallmark-Starring Christmas–Feature
Cover Proudctions-Love is A Piece of Cake–Feature
Shoreline Entertainment-Blondie Maxwell Never Loses–Feature

April 2020
Lifetime-Birthmother’s Secret–Feature
Lifetime-Deadly Cyberbully–Feature
Ernesto Quintero (Director)-A Sacred Journey–Feature
Paper Street Pictures-The Pale Door–Feature

March 2020
Sim-Unexplained (Season 1)–Feature
History Channel–Oak Island (Season 7)–Series
Valenti Pictures-Bride To Be–Feature
Cartel Pictures-Deadly Cyberbully–Feature
Lifetime-Love at First Flight–Feature

February 2020

MV Films-TKG–Feature
Hallmark Channel-Movie Guide Awards–Special
Pure Flix-The Encounter (Season 2)–Series
MV Films-Light in The Attic–Feature
PBRO-Just For Summer–Feature

January 2020
CBS–The Tim Conway Show–Series
PBRO-The Comeback Kid–Feature
ROP Productions-Love at Sunset Terrace–Feature
Movie Venture-Killer In My Home–Feature
Asylum-Winter In Vail–Feature

December 2019
Hallmark-A Christmas To Cherish–Feature
Acheron-OBOL Productions- Ice Fishing Hardcore Season 2–Series
Ow My Neck Productions-Ciccada The Movie–Feature
DCC-Behind Her Faith–Series
Hallmark-Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Concert–Special

November 2019
Esplanade Pictures-From Zero To I Love You–Feature
Asylum-Mommy Would Never Hurt You–Feature
Shoreline-The Enormity of Life–Feature
Flower Ave. Films-First Day Back–Short
Vietwins Productions-You Have A Nice Flight–Feature

October 2019
Shadow Boxer-My Daughter’s Ransom–Feature
Movie Venture-Sincerly Yours Truly–Feature
PBRO-Starting Up Love–Feature
USA Network-Temptation Island Season 2 (Series)
We TV- Untold Stories of Hiphop Season 1 (Series

September 2019
Reel One-The New Girl–Feature
Lifetime-The Cheerleader Escort–Feature
History Channel-Curse of Oak Island Top 25 Finds–Special

August 2019
My Life Productions-The Dating List–Feature
Catel Pictures-Merry & Bright–Feature
Kylie Garcelon-The Dog Walker–Feature
PBRO-Romance Retreat–Feature

July 2019
Triventrue-Christmas In The Highlands–Feature
PBRO-The Christmas Chalet–Feature
NB Thrilling Films-A Storybook Christmas–Feature
DCC-Escape & Evasion–Feature
DCC-The Beverly’s (Season 1)–Series
Heatpine-Mermaid Down–Feature
PBRO-Killing Your Daughter–Feature
Vision-American War Machine–Series
Vision-Nazi War Machine–Series

June 2019
Infinite Focus-Sunday Girl–Feature
PBRO-Eat Drink & Be Married–Feature
PBRO-Killer in Suburbia–Feature
Vision-March To Victory: Road to Rome
Vision-March to Victory: Road to Berlin

May 2019
PBRO-The Wrong Husband–Feature
Dread Pictures-They’re Inside–Feature
Big Screen Entertainment–Forget About It–Feature
PBRO-Made For You With Love–Feature
Morepro-School Spirits–Feature

April 2019
Iron Compass Films-Do Not Reply–Feature
Cinekat Filmworks-Hesperia–Feature
Windy Isle Products.-Zerbytown (Season 1)–Series

March 2019
North 182nd Prods.-All Good Things–Feature
Lara Media-New Weird Tales–Feature

February 2019
CNN-Unmasking a Killer (Season 1)–Series
K.Silver-All Good Things–Feature
CTRL Press-Daisy–Feature

December 2018
Aurues Pictures-Dark Resonance–Feature
PPI-Gregory Porter-One Night Only–Special

November 2018
Acheron-Obol Productions-Ice Fishing Hardcore (Season 1)–Series

October 2018
Sim-The Curse or Oak Island (Season 6)–Series
Sim-The Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down (Season 4)–Series
PPI- Gosnell (Feature)

September 2018

PPI-Beautifully Broken (Feature)
M. Eiden-Out of Dark–(Feature)
Veon Prism Media-That One Amazing Movie

August 2018
PPI Dust 2 Glory (Trailer)
CBS Distribution-The Carol Burnett Shows (Seasons 1-5 Post)–Series
Unba LLC-Unveliveable!!!!!–Feature
Discovery-Deadliest Catch (Season 14)–Series

July 2018
Discovery-Dealdliest Catch-The Bait (Season 5)–Series
Aloha Prods.-Provence–Feature
Fabrication Films–Navy Seals V. Demons
Windowseat Ent.-Age of Summer–Feature

June 2018

PPI- A Violent Man–Feature
CBS-Scorpion-VAM Reels
A. Dominguez-Turns In The Road–Feature
Seashell Films Production–Sista’s Conversation–Feature

May 2018
NBC-Reasonable Doubt–(Season 2)–Series
CBS-Celebrity Undercover Boss (Season 9)–Series
A&E-Storage Wars L.A. (Season 2)–Series
CNN-Declassified (Season 3)–Series
DCC-24 Hours to Hell & Back (Season 1)–Series

April 2018
Business Lunch Productions-Dry Blood–Feature
History Channel-Ancient Aliens (Season 11)–Series
J. Mason-Lyrics From A Broken Heart–Feature
RMR Productions-The Lurking Man–Feature

March 2018
SGI-Bathtubs Over Broadway–Feature
Darious Cinema-Hollywoudn’ts–Feature

February 2018
Pop- Hollywood Darlings (Season 1)–Series
Hype Media-Pistachio–Feature

February 2018
History Channel-The Curse of Oak Island (Season 5)–Series
Discovery-Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 7)–Series

January 2018
Wacko Productions- The Carol Burnett Show (Seasons 7-9)–Series
TV One-Two Sides (Season 1)–Series
Sonic-Gamers IRL (Season 1)–Series
NBC-Ellen’s Game of Games (Season 1)–Series
2929-The China Hustle (Trailer)–Feature

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

December 2017
Wacko Productions- The Carol Burnett Show (Seasons 4-6)–Series
South 9- Backfire–Feature
Hallmark Channel-Sharing Christmas–(Feature4)
The Olympic Channel-Olympic Promo Videos–(Special)

November 2017
Wacko Productions-The Carol Burnett Show (Seasons 1-3)–Series
Uproxx-The Core (Season 1)–Series
Discovery-Wheeler Dealers (Season 14) Series

October 2017

Abrupt Films-Cartel–Feature
Echo Bridge Ent.-Pottersville –Feature
Visionz Ent.-Skybound –Feature
Echo Bridge Ent.-The Better Hal –Feature

September 2017

Walker/Cable Productions-Bordercross –Feature
Echo Bridge Ent.-The Road–Feature
Sonic-Oh Rick!–Feature
Tostado Productions- F.L.A.–Feature
Travis Long Director-B-Roll–Feature

August 2017

DCC- Killer Son-In-Law–Feature
Karlfeldt Group-True Health (Season 2)–Series

July 2017
Burn Later Productions-Lemon–Trailer
Afterburner Ent.-Another Time–Feature
CNN-Unmasking a Killer (Season 1)–Series

June 2017

Nathan Hill-ROTC–Feature
Magnolia-Whose Streets–Feature
2929-Please Stand By–Feature
U Ground-ICP Shockumentary–Feature
DCC-Deceptive Boyfriend Dailies–Feature

May 2017

TFP-Primal Rage–Feature
A Walk on Water-Holy Hustle–Feature
Countless Hours-The Whole New Everything–Feature
Lifetime-The Wrong Neighbor–Feature
Maria Abraham Pictures-Accidental Muse–Feature

April 2017

CSE-Sir Tim & The WWW–Feature
Circle 8 Productions-This is L.A. (Season 1)–Series
Missing Peace Pictures-Dreams I Never Had–Feature

March 2017

DCC-They Want Dick Dickster–Feature
Summerland Productions–WTF–Feature
Milman Produtions-Inoperable–Feature

February 2017

More Productions-Ameilia 2.0–Feature
Ivan Peric Director-Saints–Feature
Ivan Peric Director-The Place Where The Last Man Died–Feature
ML Global-Sanctuary–Feature

January 2017

Oddsey Media-Deadly Lessons–Feature
Epix-Election Day–Feature
Comedy Central-Comedy Roast Battle (Season 1)–Series
Candlelight Media-An Hour Behind–Feature
Jose Perez Director- 1 1/2 Hora–Feature
Chandra Gerson Director-Book of Choices–Feature
Deep Wells Productions-The Gospel According to Bart–Feature
Alessandro Baccini Director-A Reason to Fight–Feature
Anvil-Transition of Power-The Presidency–Special
TLC-Little People Big World (Season 12)–Series
DCC-Vows of Madness–Feature

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

December 2016
History Channel-The Curse of Oak Island (Season 4)–Series
Tom Block Director-Mosquito: A Fistful of Bitcoins–Feature
Rita Marie Lawlor Director-The Last Show –Feature
The Karlfeldt Group-True Health (Seasons 1 & 2)

November 2016
Hallmark Channel-Broadcasting Christmas–Feature
Oxygen-3 Days to Live (Seaon 1)–Series
Comedy Central-Workaholics (Season 7)–Series
TF Post-The Lost Tapes: Pearl Harbor–Special

October 2016

Chesapeake Films-Dino Costa: Truth Unscripted–Feature
Burce Kirchenbaum Producer-Grave Walkers–Feature
Hallmark Channel-2016 Hero Dog Awards–Special
PBS-The Music of Christmas w/ Eamonn McCrystle–Special
Salient Clear Entertainment-The 2nd Law–Feature

September 2016
CBS-The Case of JonBenet Ramsey–Special
Dream Division Productions-Sirens & Screams–Feature
C.E. Richard-In the Mind of The Maker–Feature
Comedy Central-Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe–Special
Animal Planet-Project Grizzly (Season 1)–Series
NH Productions-Apocalypse Canoe–Feature
Comedy Central-This is Not Happening (Season 3)
IFC-Brockmire (Season 1)–Series
Comedy Central-Pete Davidson SMD–Special

August 2016
Hip Films-Burn–Feature
BET-Real Husbands of Hollywood (Season 5)–Series
Salient Clear Pictures-Music to Madness–Feature
Discovery-Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 6)–Series
Fly On The Wall-Battle of The Ex-Besties (Season 1)–Series

July 2016
The History Channel-D.B. Cooper Case Closed?–Special
Dean Karalekas Director-The Curse of Lady X–Feature
Cold Chicago Productions-Velvet Prisons–Feature
Nat Geo Wild-Animal ER (Season 1)–Series
Comedy Central-God Damn Comedy Jam–Special
Discovery Network-Beyond Geek (Season 1)–Series
Mayor Entertainment-My Summer Prince–Feature

June 2016
History Channel-Ancient Aliens (Season 9)–Series
Spike TV-2016 Guys Choice Awards–Special
Brittney Armstrong Director-The Demon Inside–Feature
Martin House Films-Little Mermaid–Feature

May 2016
Has lll Production- Hybrids–Feature
Hot Pixel-Search Engines–Feature
TLC- Little People Big World (Season 2) -Series
RJF Productions-Chasing Rainbows–Feature

April 2016
Tanabi Productions – By Any Name–Feature
Oxygen-Snapped:She Made Me Do It (Season 2)–Series
Digital Thunderdome: The Possession Experiment–Feature
Sonic-Missing Dial (Season 1)–Series

March 2016
Apple-Bob Dylan: No Direction Home–Feature
Robert Wilson Video Portrait-Lady Gaga: Flying–Special
Vision Films-Beyond The Talent (Season 1)–Series
We TV-Kendra on Top (Season 5)–Series

Feburary 2016
J. Taylor Productions-Romeo & Romeo–Feature
T. Hutson (Director)-The Id–Feature
Animal Planet-Tree House Masters (Season 5)–Feature
Comedy Central-Adam Devine’s House Party (Season 3)–Series

January 2016
Restless Nomad Films-Attack of The Killer Donuts–Feature
Hallmark Channel-When Duty Calls–Feature
History Channel-The Curse of Oak Island (Season 3)–Series

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

December 2015

Nat Geo-Animal Storm Squad (Season 1) –Series
Fuse-Saturday Morning Fever (Season 1)–Series
Nat GEO-Animal Storm Squad (Season 1)–Series
Discovery-Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 5)–Series

November 2015
Lesson 1 Entertainment-The Wake–Feature
Comedy Central-Workaholics (Season 6)–Series

October 2015
Asylum-Fortune Cookie (Feature)
GSN-Hellavator (Season 2)–Series
Disalmanic Films-You, Your Brian, & You–Feature
History Channel-The Curse of Oak Island (Season 3)–Feature
Zero Media-This is Happening-Feature

September 2015
Eli Tahan-The Zwicky’s–Feature
CNN- United Shades of America (Season 1) -Series
Empirical Pictures- The Wake -Feature

August 2015
TLC- My Giant Life, Big Updates -Special
TLC- Little People Big World (Season 1) -Series
TLC -Our Little Family (Season 2) -Series
IFC- Gigi Does It (Season 1) -Series
Comedy Central- Steve Rannazissi, Breaking Dad -Special
Oxygen- Snapped (She Made Me Do It) Season 1 -Series
Mighty AP Ent. -The Last Trip -Feature
Adler & Assocs.- Dogmouth -Featuref

July 2015
CNF Productions- Summer Colony -Feature
Image Principle Studios- Special Cops -Feature
Creative Studios of Atlanta- Santa’s Boot Camp -Feature
Crossing Hollow Films- Awakened -Feature
Mancha Films- Indigo -Feature
Big Whiskey Pictures- Downshift -Feature
Enlight Pictures- Hollywood Adventures -Feature

June 2015
CW-Masters of Illujsion (Season 2)-Series
HBO- Sex On (Season 1)- Series
OLN Canada- Fail Army (Season 2)-Series
Showtime- Gigolos (Season 6)-Series
Escapology- Dragon Warriors -Feature
Warner Bros.- 2 Broke Girls (Gag Reel and Deleted Scenes) -SpecialMay 2015
We-Mary Mary (Season 4)–Series
E-Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (Season 3)–Series
Associated TV-Don’t Blink (Season 1)–Series
We-Kendra On Top (Season 3)–Series

April 2015
Fox Sports-Ball Up (Season 1)–Series
Warner Bros.-Pretty Little Liars Extras–Special
A&E-8 Minutes (Season 1)–Series
The History Channel-Blood & Glory: The Civil War in Color–Special

March 2015
Spike-Lip Sync Battle (Season 1)–Series
Nat Geo-Everything You Didn’t Know About Animals (Season 1)–Series
Noteworthy Productions-The Backseat–Feature
PBS-Hikes You Can Take–Pilot

February 2015
CBS-Victoria’s Secret Swim Special–Special
Warner Bros.-Pretty Little Liars: Celebrating a Pretty 100–Special
Formula Features-6 Ways to Sundown–Feature
CS Editorial-American Girl–Feature
Lifetime-My Haunted House (Season 1)–Series
ABC-Repeat After Me (Season 1)–Series
Red Tree Productions-The House Across The Street–Feature

January 2015
LWF Films-Adrenaline–Feature
K-Rom Pictures-Astray–Feature

Group Hug Productions-Underdog Kids–Feature
The CW-2015 World Dog Awards–Special
Discovery Channel-Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season 4)–Series
Comedy Central-This Is Not Happening (Season 1)–Series
Travel Channel-Snack Like a Local–Special

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

December 2014
The Kennedy Center-Kennedy Center Honors 1978-2002–Specials
History Channel-Swamp People (Season 6)–Series
Comedy Central-Comedy Central Roasts (Various)–Specials
History Channel-The Science of Interstellar–Special
Hallmark Channel-Heart of The Matter–Feature
Elizabeth Rogers-Hot Water–Feature
Caltex Films-A Horse Tail–Feature

November 2014
Comedy Central-Workaholics (Season 5)–Series
FYI TV-Late Night Chef Fight (Season 1)–Series
Big Shot Music Group-Ghetto Corner–Music Video

October 2014
WB Home Video-Pretty Little Liars: Celebrating a Pretty 100–Special
Picture Zero Entertainment-Les Wolf aka Dark Moon Rising–Feature
PBS-Kristen Chenoweth: Copming Home–Special

September 2014
TF Post-Book Club–Feature
Nat Geo-Cesar Millan: Viva Las Vegas
PBS-American Masters: Bing Crosby Rediscovered
Leonian Productions-By God’s Grace–Feature
Indiegogo Productions-To Sane For This World–Feature
Indiegogo Productions-Citizen Autistic–Feature

August 2014
Larry Levinson Productions-Rescuing Madison–Feature
PBS-Fidel Castro: The Lost Tapes–Special
PBS-Make Your Mark (Season 1)–Series
PBS-Craft In America (Season 6)–Series
Paula Deen Network-Recipe Pods-Special

July 2014
Comedy Central-Adam Devine’s House Party (Season 2)–Series
Tru TV-Way Out West (Season 1)–Series
Revival Films-Blinder–Feature
MP Filmcraft / BW Films-To Go Viking–Feature
Stellar Motion Pictures-The Principle–Feature

June 2014
Palmstar Entertainment-Jenny’s Wedding–Feature
Tru TV-Fake Off Sizzle Reels (Season 1)–Feature
Associated Television-Masters of Illusion (Season 1)–Series
Spike TV-2014 Guy’s Choice Awards–Special
Associated Television-Sharkmania–Special
Warner Bros. Television-Interview w/ A Vampire Bonus Material–Special
Warner Bros. Television-Never Ending Story Bonus Material–Special

May 2014
Eric Martin (Director)-Acting Like Adults–Feature
Pebbles LLC-K9 Adventures of The Lost Gold–Feature
Seth Camillo (Director)-Gridiron Heroes–Feature

April 2014
Tri-Coast Pictures-Heavenly Sword–Feature
Lucid Pictures-Mischief Night–Feature
Tree Falls Post-Pretty Little Liars at Paleyfest–Special

March 2014
History Channel-America’s Book of Secrets (Season 3)-Series
Tree Falls Post-The Adventures of Roborex–Feature
The Exchange-Supremacy–Feature
AMC-Game of Arms (Season 1)–Series

February 2014
Tree Falls Post-Gossip Girls at Paleyfest–Special
Hallmark-The Michaels–Feature
Own-Deion’s Family Playbook (Season 1)–Series
TBS-CeeLo Green’s The Good Life (Season 1)–Series

January 2014
History Channel-Swamp People (Season 5)–Series
A&E-Beypmd Scared Straight (Season 5)–Series
Showtime-Gigolos (Season 5)–Series

December 2013
Warner Bros.-Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Promo Reel (Special)
1895 Films-Heist (Season 1)–Series
Jenkev Productions-The Silent Thief–Feature
Out There Films-Distances–Feature

November 2013
CSE-The Big Deal (Pilot)
A&E Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne (Season 1)–Series

October 2013
PBS-Craft In America (Season 5)–Series
A&E-American Jungle (Season 1)–Series

September 2013
Legendary Pictures-The Hangover 3 Bonus Material–Special
Frame 29 Films-Sons of Liberty–Feature
Sandia Media-The Odd Way Home–Feature
PBS-Genealogy Road Show (Season 1)–Series
TLC-My Five Wives (Season 1) –Series
Warner Bros.-Getaway Clip Reel–Special
TLC/OWN-The Customer Is Always Right (Season 1)–Series

August 2013
Sonic-Parking Games–Pilot

Lyric Films-Straight Outta Thompkins–Feature
Angry Man Productions-Angry White Man–Feature
Stardust Pictures-Maladies–Feature
Biography-The Ghost Inside My Child (Season 1)–Series

July 2013
NBC-Hollywood Game Night (Season 1)–Series
USA Network-Summer Camp (Season 1)–Series
Style Network-Big Rich Texas (Season 4)–Series
Warner Bros.-House Party 5: Tonight’s the Night–Special
Sonic P-The Hiring Squad–Pilot
Showtime-Polyamory (Season 2)–Series
Atlas-Meltdown (Season 1)–Series
Tru-TV-Kentucky Bidders (Season 1)–Series

June 2013
Warner Bros.-The Middle: Deleted Scenes–Special
5th St. Films-Fifth St.–Feature
The CW Network-Perfect Score (Season 1)–Series
TV One-R&B Divas Reunion–Special
History 2-All You Can Eat (Season 1)–Series
The Next Shot LLC-Pitching Hope–Feature
ABC Family-A Big Love Story–Feature

May 2013
Studio 13-Hysterical Psycho–Feature
Realitivity-Felt (Season 1)–Series
Asylum-Atlantic Rim–Feature
Spike-Fight Master-Bellator MMA (Season 1)–Series
TF Post-Listed & Twisted–Pilot

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

April 2013
The Travel Channel-Hot Film Sets–Special
MTV-Buckwild WV to NYC–Special
The Stevens Co.-Herblock-The Black & The White–Feature
John Ross Associates-Planet 360 (Season 1)–Series
Oxygen-I’m Having Their Baby (Season 2)–Series

March 2013
Michael Singh Productions-Valentino’s Ghost–Feature
NBC-Fashion Star (Season 1)–Series
Shoreliner Entertainment-In Bloom–Feature
Shapeshifter-Deep Powder–Feature
Warner Bros.-House Party 5 Clip Reel–Special
SD Media-Road Less Traveled (Season 2)–Series
TF Post-Nobody Can Cool–Feature

PBS-American Masters: Mel Brooks–Special
Wilder Productions-Los Wild Ones–Feature
Shapeshifter-The Surrogate–Feature
NBC-The Biggest Loser (Season 14)–Series
Style Network-City Girl Diaries (Season 1)–Series
ABC Family-Pretty Dirty Secrets Clip Reel–Special

January 2013
OWN-Blackboard Wars (Season 1)–Series
No Productions-Cubamerican–Feature
Perfect Films-White T–Feature
Hallmark Channel-Marie–Ongoing Series
BET–UNCF Evening With The Stars–Special
Jack The Giant Killer–Feature
Eddie Schmidt Productions-Valentine Road–Feature
Style Network-Big Rich Atlanta (Season 1)–Series
Discovery-Shipwreck Men–Series
PBS-Tavis Smiley: Education Under Arrest–Special

December 2012
Asylum-500 MPH Storm–Feature
CBS-2012 Kennedy Center Honors–Special
Larry Levinson Productions-Playing Father–Feature
Spike-2012 Video Game Awards–Feature
Mutt Productions-The Return of Johnnie V.–Feature

November 2012
BET-Reed Between The Lines–Seriews
Discovery Channel-Alaska: The Last Frontier–Series
Arroyo Films-Donner Pass–Feature
Spike-Eddie Murphy: One Night Only–Special
Nat Geo-Hell On The Highway (Season 1)–Feature
PBS-Nova: Ultimate Mars Challenge–Special

October 2012
Justin Price Director-The Cloth–Feature
TF Post-Into The Dark–Feature
TF Post-Guillotine Guys, and New In Town–Short Films
Todd Johnson Director-The Rental–Feature
Syfy Network-Total Blackout (Season 2)–Series
Style Network-Big Rich Texas (Season 3)–Series

September 2012
Lifetime-Stalked at 17–Feature
Vuguru-Greetings From Home–Feature
Soyuz Multfilm-Jungle Book (Russian Version)–Feature
Sundance Channel-The Mortified Sessions–Full Season
PBS-Craft in America (Season 4)
Shapeshifter Post-Occupied–Feature
Jove Films-Jungle Book–Feature
Zoo FX-Angies List–Commercial Spots

August 2012
SD Media-The Road Less Traveled (Season 1)–Series
Sundance Channel-The Mortified Sessions (Season 1)–Series
ABC-3 (Season 1)–Series
TF Post-A Christmas Story 2–Clip Reel

July 2012
McManus Bros. Productions-Funeral Kings–Feature
Vuguru Productions-The Booth at The End (Seasons 1 & 2) Series
TF Post-What to Expect When You Are Expecting–Clip Reel
DIY Network-Hollywood Builders: Total Recall–Special
Shapeshifter Post-Crawlspace–Feature
Larry Levinson Productions-Strawberry Summer–Feature

June 2012
AFI-AFI’s Tribute to Shirley MacLaine–Special
Larry Levinson Productions-Puppy Love–Feature
PBS-From Dust To Dream: The Smith Center–Special
Comedy Central-Jeff Ross–Roasting America–Special
Fox-Take Me Out (Season 1)–Series
TF Post-Ted Bundy: The Death Row Tapes–Special
We-TV Kendra on Top (Season 1)–Series

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

May 2012
TF Post-LOL, & Gossip Girl Turns 100–Special
Nat Geo-Big Baboon House(Season 1)–Series
Discovery-Hitler’s Secret War on America–Speci
Project 8 Films-American Idiots–Feature

April 2012
MTV-Inside Punk’d–Special
Kymyra Films-One in The Chamber–Feature
PBS-American Masters: Johnny Carson:King of Late Night–Special
Hallmark Channel-Meddling Mom’s–Feature
TF Post-Dirty Work–Special
TV Guide Channel-Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On (Season 1)–Series

March 2012
PBS-Craft In America (Season 4)–Feature
Dawson Productions-Teatherball–Feature
MH Studios-Steve Job igenius–Feature
MH Studios-Titanic: 100 Years On–Feature
Discovery-Unchained Reaction (Season 1)–Series
Dagen Productions-On Patrol (Season 4)–Series
Hallmark Channel-Chasing Leprechauns–Feature
Discovery- My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Season 2)–Series
Geoff Haines Productions-Earth: The Operators Manual–Series
TLC-Rambug (Season 1)–Series
Comedy Central-Jo Koy: Lights Out–Special
Discovery-Japan’s Tsunami: Tales of Terror–Special

Feb. 2012
TLC-Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder–Pilot
Style Network-Big Rich Texas (Season 2)–Series
Hallmark Channel-Cupid Inc.–Feature
History Channel-Top Gear(Season 2 Pt. 2)–Series
Comedy Central-Paul F. Tompkins: Laboring Under Delusion–Special

Jan. 2012
TLC-World’s Oldest Teenager–Series
CBS-69th Golden Globe Awards–Special
Syfy Network-Face Off (Season 2)–Series
Hallmark-Safe House–Feature
CW Network-Remodeled–Feature
Old Post Films-Wild Hearts–Feature
CW Network-Remodeled (Season 1)–Series

Dec. 2011
CBS-2011 Kennedy Center Honors–Special
Discovery-America’s Book of Secrets: The Monuments–Special
Bankside Films-Jig–Feature
Hallmark-Walter & Henry–Feature
CBS-Undercover Boss (Season 3)–Series
Nickelodeon-Yo Gabba Gabba–Series
Dagean-On Patrol–Series
Discovery-All Star Dealers (Season 1)–Series

Nov. 2011
ABC-2011 American Music Awards–Special
Hallmark-The Song Spinner–Feature
Discovery-Alaska The Last Frontier-Series
TV Guide Channel-Wilson Phillips Show–Pilot
Vuguru-Little Women Big Cars–Feature
Discovery-My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas–Special
Hallmark-The Westing Game–Feature
PBS-Woody Allen: A Documentary–Feature
Vuguru-The Millionaire Tour–Feature
Hallmark- When Time Expires–Feature
DMN Films- Dead Inside– Feature
Chainsaw-This Space Available (Feature)

October 2011
Hallmark Channel-Celebration Table (Season 1)
Spike TV-2011 Scream Awards Hallmark Channel-Witches Daughter (Feature)
HBO-The Ricky Gervais Show-October 2011 RHI Entertainment-Legend of The Lost Tomb (Feature)
Hallmark-Annie Claus is Coming To Town (Feature)-October 2011 RHI Entertainment-North Shore Fish (Feature)
Hallmark-Lily Dale (Feature)

September 2011
Inc. (Feature)
RHI Entertainment-The Legend Of Gator Face (Feature)
Comedy Central-The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen-(Special)
Showtime-End of Summer (Feature)
Comedy Central-Carlos Mencia: New Territory-(Special)
Penn & Teller Tell A Lie (Season 1)-Series
RHI Entertainment-Hidden In America-(Feature)

August 2011
National Geographic-Rock Stars (Season 1)
ABC-Food For Thought (Season 1)
RHI Entertainment-Fatal Error (feature)
147 Films-Water Wars-(Feature)
RHI Entertainment-Gadgetman (feature)-
Imaginaut Entertainment-Popatopolis-(Feature)
TF Post -Friends With Benefits Special Features-(Special)
Nat. Geo.-Lost Continent of The Pacific-(Special)

July 2011
TLC-Braxton Family Values Season 1-Series
Hallmark Channel-Lily in Love (Feature)
History Channel-Top Gear (Season 2)-Series
Style Network-Big Rich Texas (Season 1)-Series
Planet Greenl-Detroit in Overdrive (Season 1)-Series
Oprah Winfrey Network-Extraordinary Acts of Courage(Season 1)-Series
PBS-Cuisine Culture (Season 1)-Series
Participant Media-Last Call At The Oasis (Feature)
Lifetime-Hef’s Runaway Bride-Special
Warner Premeire-A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song (Feature)

June 2011
New Films-A Novel Romance-Feature
Digital Copy Services-Time Was: The 1960-Special
Pioneers of The New West-A’int In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm-Feature
TF Post-Izzy & Moe (Feature)
TF Post-Martha Stewart’s 4th of July-Special
HBO-Stone Temple Pilots Live In Chicago 2010-Special
Comedy Central-Tosh.O (Season 2)-Series

May 2011
Hub TV-The Game of Life (Season 1)-Series
TLC-My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Season 1)
Fox-Master Chef (Season 1)-Series
Comedy Central-The Nick Kroll Show (Pilot)
Equilibrium Entertainment-Discover The Gift (Feature)
AOL-Gisele & The Green Team-Special
The Travel Channel-Sand Masters-Series

April 2011
Verite’ Films-The Putt Putt Syndrome (Feature)
Nickelodeon-Supah Ninjas (Season 1)
Liberty Road Entertainment-Black White & Blues (Feature)
TF Post-Fortune Finders (Pilot)
CRV-Modelball: AKA The Girls of Summer(Feature)
The Scii-Fi Channel-Fact or Faked

March 2011
Fuse-2011 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony-Special
Oprah Winfrey Network-Extraordinary Moms-Special
Birch Tree Entertainment-The Portal (feature)
Oxygen Media-Las Vegas Bachelorette Party (Season 1)-Series
Comedy Central-Give It Up For Greg Giraldo-Special

February 2011
Discovery Network-Texas Drug Wars-Series
ABC Family-Pretty Little Liars Video-Special
Steel Spyda-Megafactories: Jaguar XJ-Series
TLC-Babies Behind Bars-Special
NBC-Who Do You Think Your Are-Series
CRV-Imagine a School…Summerhill (Feature)
CRV-In The Shadows (Feature)-February 2011

January 2011
The Discovery Channel-The Science of Lust-Series
CBS-68th Golden Globe Awards-Special
Knightscove Pictures-Sophie (Feature)
Shapshifter-Darkening Sky (Feature)

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

December 2010
NASA & IMAX-Magnificent Desolation: Walking On The Moon
Buzzkill Productions-Buzzkill (Feature)
Shapeshifter-History on Tap (Pilot)
CBS-2010 Kennedy Center Honors
TV Land-Hot In Clevland: Behind The Hotness
Roush Media-Yellow Brick Road (Feature)
TF Post-Jesse James: Blacksmith-
Copy Right Video-Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie-

November 2010
Shapeshifter-The Science of Fear
History Channel-The Real Story of Christmas
Dick Clark Productions-2010 American Music Awards-
BET-UNCF’s Tribute to Chaka Khan-
Tree Falls Post-Enough Already-
Prometheus Entertainment-The President’s Book of Secrets
History Channel-The Real Story of Thanksgiving-
Soda Pictures-Everything (Feature)-
Film Afrika Worldwide-Endgame (Feature)-

October 2010
PBS-Home Made Simple (Season #8)-
Turner Classic Moviesl-History of Hollywood: Moguls & Movie Stars (Entire Season)-
PBS-Ancient Aliens-
Steel Spyda Productions-Restless Planet: Epic Journeys-
History Channel-The Real Story of Halloween
Steel Spyda / National Geographic Channel-Megastructures (Entire Season)-
Food Network-Private Chefs of Beverly Hills Season 2-

September 2010
National Geographic Channel-X-Prize Cars: Accelerating the Future-
Tree Falls Post-Contagion A.K.A Bioslime(Feature)-
The Institution / Nickelodeon -Supah Ninja’s (Pilot)-

August 2010
Audio Post & Picture -Expecting Mary (Feature)-
DNA Inc. -Stand Up To Cancer-

July 2010

Pasofino Productions-Venus & Vegas (Feature)-
PBS-Home Made Simple
Atlas Digital-Growing Up Twisted (Season1)-

June 2010
AFI-AFI’s Tribute to Mike Nichols-
Bravo TV-Bethenny Getting Married-
Timecode Multimedia-Battle of The Wedding Planners-
Atlas Digital-Action: The A Team-
Deon Taylor Ent. -Nite Tales-

May 2010
Bravos-Real Housewives of NYC-
Tree Falls Post-Through The Worm Hole w/ Morgan Freeman (8 episodes)
Mean Time Productions-Being Michael Madsen (feature)-
Crispy Films-Spooner (feature)-
TLC-One Big Happy Family (Seasons 1 & 2)-
Atlas Digital-My Ghost Story-

April 2010
Copy Right Video-No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School (Feature)-
Incentive Films-Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (Feature)-
France 3-Vu Du Ciel (View From the Sky) Entire Series –
Food Network-Private Chefs of Beverly Hills (Full Season)-
National Geographic Channel-Delta Divers-

March 2010
Copy Right Video-Adventure Scouts (Feature)-
Fuse-2010 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony-
History Channel-Prehistoric Assassin’s: Blood in the Water-
WE TV-Platinium Weddings-
Comedy Central-Drawn Together Movie: The Movie-

February 2010

The History Channel-The Nostradamus Effect (Full Season)-
Tree Falls Post-Worlds Most Amazing-

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

October 2009

Country Music Television-All Jacked Up-August 2009

DVS-Nick Swardson Seriously…-
August 2009

Roush Media-Heist (Feature)-August 2009

Tree Falls Post-Popular Science’s The Future of…(Full Season)-
August-October 2009

Shapeshifter Post-PBS’s Craft In America-August 2009

CCI Digital-Rob Zombie’s Halloween (Feature)-
July 2009

Asylum Entertainment-American Gangster Season 2-July 2009

Georgia Media-Tiny ‘N Toya Season 1-
July 2009

Weinstein Co. LLC-True True Lie (Feature)-June 2009

CCI-Corrado (Feature)-
June 2009

Base Productions-Sport Science-June-July 2009

BET-American Gangster Season 1-
June 2009

Dick Clark Productions-So You Think You Can Dance-June 2009

CCI Digital -Jesse James Is A Dead Man-
June-July 2009

TV Land-AFI’s Tribute To Michael Douglas-June 2009

NBC Universal -Law And Order Season 1 (20 Episodes)-
June 2009

72nd St. Productions-The Vicious Kind (Feature)-June 2009

CCI Digital-Crime 360-June-July 2009

Roush Media-The Telling (Feature)-June 2009

National Geographic-Prehistoric Predators: Razorback Hyenadon –
June 2009

NBC Universal-Law And Order Season 8 (24 Episodes)-May 2009

Copy Right Video-Jeff Garcia’s Low Budget Comedy –
May 2009

History Channel-Angels & Demons Decoded-May2009

CBS-The Ghost Whisperer (and other network programs)-
Mar.-April 2009

Chainsaw Edit- 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony-April 2009

Michael Korbic-No Time To Fear (Feature)-
April 2009

Sonic Pool- Weathergirl (Feature)-April 2009

Roush Media-Crushed (Feature)-
April 2009

Black Valley Films- The Garden (Documentary Feature)
March 2009

Plateau Pictures-Beneath The Cristo (Feature)-
March 2009

A list of the jobs and projects QC Central has completed since our founding in 2007

Sixteenth Section Pictures- Live Animals (Feature)
December 2008-January 2009

The Discovery Channel-The Science of Sex Appeal-
December 2008

Desert Moon Films- Road of No Return (Feature)
December 2008-January 2009

Reelz Channel- Secrets Out with Leonard Maltin-(And all other Network Programming)
Nov.2007-Feb. 2009

The Incubator Productions-Idiot Hall of Fame (Pilot)
December 2008

National Geographic Channel.- Wild on Tape
November 2008

NBC Universal – Law & Order Seasons 6 & 7
November 2008-January 2009 (42 Episodes)

The Discovery Channel:- JFK: Inside The Target Car.
November 2008

Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligea (Feature)
September, November 2008

The Discovery Channel:- Hubble & Beyond.
Sept 2008

Sonic Pool — Various Titles
August 2008-June 2009 (Ongoing Project)
BBC-TV- Dawn Porter Extreme Wife
(Full Season) Sept. 2008

Tree Falls Post-The History Channel
Strange History a.k.a. Strange Rituals
June-September 2008 (Full Season)

Different by Design-Chasing 3000
(Feature) May-June 2008

Mess Media-Pros Vs. Joes
Spike TV Jan.-Mar. 2008
< Enliven Entertainment-ZZ Top Live From Texas Feb. 2008

HD Digital Creative -Dead & Gone (Feature)
December 2007

Level Blue Productions -Valley of Angels (Feature)
December 2007

* Some projects were contracted by us by the Studios or Facilties listed, or by Directors or Producers who were working with said places.

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