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Televison & Film Post Production Consulting

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We often work with first time film directors, editors, or producers, who have gotten a distribution deal and need to prepare the work for the distributor. QC Central is available for Television & Film Post Production Consulting. Many times the distributor or network post supervisor in the case of TV will give out a deliverables list and ask that the project have an approved QC report. If you are not familiar with the post process this can all be very confusing and having someone to explain what it all means can be a great help. Often filmmakers will tell us they wished they had found out about us before they started the whole thing as they would have done things differently.

We are available for consulting with you on all the television, or film post aspects of your project. Often we get questions about how to output the edited movie, what codec to use, how to go about getting all the items on the list completed, and what to do if the show fails the QC process. We are available to answer any questions you might have about any part of the production, or post process whether you hire us or not. Contact us anytime with any questions or problems.

Aside from Televison & Film Post Production Consulting. QC Central is available as an in house Video/Audio Quality Control Consultant Worldwide.
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    Consulting Services available for

  • Required specs for QC
  • Making needed fixes for QC rejection
  • Exporting / Outputting File – Codecs
  • Head Formats / Timecodes
  • Tape Layoffs
  • Deliverables List
  • Audio
  • Conversions