QC Central: New Low Rates on HDCAM Digitizing

QC Central is lowering it’s rates in video transfers to file from HDCAM Tape. We are putting the rates on par with our standard def digitizing rates. Our new price for digitzing HDCAM will be $65 for a one hour tape. $40 for a half hour, and $90 for anything over 1 hour. Of course if you are bringing in multiple tapes the rates will be lower still. As always we offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry in the same day or next, excepting large orders.
Of course we also offer digitizing and archiving services on all tape formats including HDCAM SR, Digi-Beta, Beta SP and more.
All QCC’s other services are available including Quality Control of tapes or files, (film qc reports) editing, finishing, audio, dubs and much more. Contact us anytime for any questions, to get exact rates and to book.