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This is a sample of the Quality Control Report For Film & Movies used at QC Central. Our QC report comes completely filled out with a Pass, Hold, or Fail determination.

Page 1 contains the video and audio specs for your film or program. These specifications include Luminance levels, Chrominance levels,& Black levels.(Both in Bars & Tones, and Program) The first page also includes program levels for Overall bit rate, bit rate mode, scan type, color-space, Aspect ratio line count, pixel counts, placement of head format, Start and end time codes / length and much more. The Audio Portion of page one contains a full list of all audio tracks, sampling rate, bit depth, bit rate & codec. The audio section also includes overall audio peaks in dbfs and Loudness peaks in LKFS/LUFS.

Page 2 and any additional pages of the QC Report are a list of all technical anomalies and issues found, by time code in the order in which they arise. These issues are graded on a scale of 1-3. A rating of 3 indicates the program is rejected and will need fixing. A rating of 2+ puts the program on hold for final decision by client, distributor or network. These issues are considered marginal and should be fixed in necessary as they could come up later in subsequent QC reports by other entities. A 2 or 1 rating are more minor and can be fixed at clients discretion.

When all necessary fixes are complete, we will do a fix check and update the report accordingly. When all issues are fixed to client satisfaction the report will be amended to approved.

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