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Finishing your movie or film involves what that title implies. Getting the movie or TV show across the “Finish Line.”
After completion of QC, should the movie receive an approval or pass grade, the movie is complete and can be turned in to the distributor, network, or whomever the client may be. But sometimes (especially with indie films or first time filmmakers) there are issues that need to be addressed. It could be anything from incorrect video levels, to bad edits, to mismatched color correction, to problems with the audio tracks.

We provide services necessary to get the project finished. We can do fixes to the file that was provided for the quality control report (and will be the final version of the project)
The two main types of fixes are video fixes as stated above and audio conforming.

Other examples of video fixing we provide include fixing black frames, bad edits, correcting video level problems (luminance, chrominance, etc.) removing digital “hits”, color correcting, additional editing and much more.

Examples of audio conforming include fixing out-of-sync audio, removal of audio ticks, and pops, adding in missing audio effects, fixing M&E tracks, correcting mono audio problems, fixing incorrect 5.1 mixes and more.

We will work with you to do whatever is necessary to get your show a Passing quality control grade whether you take care of any fixes on your end (we offer consulting for this purpose) or have us do any necessary work.
After the TV show or movie is approved, distributors will often have a “deliverables” list of various formats they want the project converted to, we can take of those needs for you as well.
Please contact us to learn more about Movie Technical Issue Fixing and Finishing Services & the film / video services we offer.