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QC Central’s Quality Control Report

This is the Quality Control Report we use at QC Central.Your QC report will come completely filled out with a Pass, Hold, or Fail determination.

Page 1 will include all the video and audio specs for your film or program in including Luminance levels, Chrominance levels,& Black levels.(Both in Bars & Tones, and Program), it will also include program levels for Overall bit rate, bit rate mode, scan type, Horizontal & Vertical Blanking, Placement of head format, Start and end time codes / length and much more.
The Audio Portion of page one will contain audio loudness levels, audio peaks, Sampling rate, bit depth, bit rate & Codec.

Page 2 and any additional pages of the QC Report will be a list of all technical anomaly issues found, by time code. These issues will be graded in a scale of 1-3. A rating of 3 means the program is rejected and will need fixing, a rating of 2+ puts the program on hold for final decision by client, distributor or network.

After fixes (if necessary) are complete, we will do a fix check and update the report accordingly. When all issues are fixed to client satisfaction the report will be amended to approved.