VideoPier HD 1.1

VideoPier HD 1.1
About VideoPier HD
VideoPier is the missing link between MPEG2/AVCHD(*)/HDV camcorder and your Mac. It lets you visualize the clips on your camera that Quicktime would otherwise refuse to open. VideoPier lets you copy them to disk, and export them to any format for viewing (iPod, AppleTV, iPhone) or editing (iMovie 06/08). VideoPier lets you handle all your MPEG footage in their native format, without requiring any conversion to Quicktime or Apple Intermediate Codec for HDV material. Simply convert the material you need for editing, when you need it.

Main features:
– Detect your camcorder and let you visualize all clips.
– Ability to capture HDV from tape-based camcorders. VideoPier handles scene detection, date detection and writes the files to disk in their native format (m2ts streams).
– Copy files from your camcorder to your hard drive in their original format.
– Import clips that have been already been copied to disk.
– Create events for the imported clips (events can be organized by year/month/volume like in iMovie 08).
– Visualize your clips, including their date.
– Multi-clip playback in the embedded player or in full screen.
– Export to any Quicktime format, to DV for iMovie 06, to the iPod/iPhone and Apple TV. In addition, VideoPier will keep track of the exported file so you can always retrieve it later.
– Export to iMovie ‘08.
– Export to Final Cut Express/Pro via XML. VideoPier will transcode the native files into Quicktime HDV when possible (i.e if you have the codec installed) or AIC in all other cases.

(*)AVCHD material can be imported and converted to any Quicktime format. Real-time playback of AVCHD inside VideoPier is only partially supported on fast machines.