Level 3 Televises 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

Level 3 Televises 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

Level 3 Communications provided broadcast feeds for the 2009 Super bowl XLIII  between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay for the twentieth consecutive year.

Though it will be the last time the annual game will be televised in the analog version now that the U.S. is switching to digital TV nationwide, television feeds were in both analog and digital high definition formats.

Televising the Super bowl is always an honor for Level 3 as the show is a highly rated, iconic and global event for all kinds of viewers.

With their massive Internet backbone and communications infrastructure, Level 3 used their video service, Vyvx Fiber Video Transport, which provided zero lag and 24×7 digital connectivity. Also, its optical fiber super highways provide 10Gigabytes per sec (10Gb/s) Ethernet inter-connections which deliver 100Gb/s across the Atlantic Ocean.

Level 3 provides feeds to Tier 2 information carriers, which provide services such as Web hosting, telecom, cable TV, and even intranets for universities. It also provides business critical services like metro Ethernet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), VoIP and video streaming.

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