WAN Optimization Controllers Save Money

WAN Optimization Controllers Save Money

In a 3/11 article published on Computer Technology Review, Marc Goodman shed some light on optimizing your network on a limited IT budget.  Mark works for Ecessa, a manufacturer of advanced WAN Optimization products.

"Costs associated with deploying, maintaining and supporting WAN infrastructure for reliable application delivery can be dramatically reduced. Specialized WAN Optimization Controllers with link aggregation, load balancing and failover are here to help."

Mark explains that, although deploying applications over the internet is becoming easier, there are still many concerns about reliability, performance, and security.  An added challenge for IT departments is trying to stay one step ahead–or even to keep up with–the fast growing increase of remote users accessing these applications.  IT personnel must get the highest level of performance from existing network equipment, while also simplifying and ridding the company of unnecessary costs.

"Poorly performing and failing network links cause organizations to pay dearly each year," Goodman writes. "Without the proper controls, these issues will continue to lead to loss of business/revenue and declining customer satisfaction.  The resulting consequences are unacceptable when you consider it costs ten times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current one."

Properly utilizing a high-performance, reliable remote IT location requires continuous maintenance and management.  

Using WAN optimization controllers can result in greater control and significant cost savings. 

The maintenance of continuous and economical network infrastructure is a challenge for any organization. The delivery of critical business applications over the WAN faces many obstacles, including ISP outages, traffic spikes, bandwidth-intensive applications, large data file requests and hackers trying to attack critical data, applications and network infrastructure. When outages occur, the losses and business flow disruption can be staggering.

"Specialized WAN optimization controllers (WOC) that provide WAN and ISP bandwidth aggregation, load balancing and failover provide link reliability, economize network bandwidth, provide flexible scalability and offer additional layers of network security while streamlining network IT costs.  These devices simplify the management of multiple, diverse links. Traffic spikes, bandwidth-intensive applications and service provider issues adversely affect network delivery," writes Goodman.

Click here to read the full article.  For more information, visit www.NEFiber.com.

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