Preference Manager 2.0.1

Preference Manager 2.0.1
About Preference Manager
Allows you to trash, lock, backup and restore Final Cut Studio preference files. These files contain user settings and preferences but can cause problems if they become corrupted. Trashing the files allows you to restore operability to your Final Cut Studio machine.

Preference Manager can also backup and restore not only preference files, but Final Cut Pro button bars, keyboard layouts, column layouts, window layouts, track layouts, custom settings and user plugins. Backups are stored in a single compressed file, allowing you to easily copy them from one machine to another.

Unlike many other applications on the market, Preference Manager allows you to trash, lock, backup and restore preferences for all Final Cut Studio applications, not just Final Cut Pro.

Other features include:
– Portable backup format for easily transferring settings to another computer
– Backup categories to aid backup organization
– Project-linked backups automatically restore the backup when the project is launched from the Finder, allowing you to have per-project preferences