NEF to Provide US Channel Solutions to euNetworks

NEF to Provide US Channel Solutions to euNetworks

NEF to Represent Owner of Europe’s Highest Capacity All-Optical Network

Framingham, Mass. – 19 May 2009 – NEF Inc., a leading dark fiber and lit service agency, has partnered with euNetworks, Europe’s foremost provider of mission-critical, high performance networking solutions, to create and design optimal communications networks for large corporations, carriers and service providers. Through the relationship, NEF will be able to source euNetworks’ low latency optical connections between key interconnection and data center locations for US-based companies wanting to connect within Europe as well via trans-Atlantic connections from the continental US.

With leading telecommunications tools such as the dark fiber maps database FiberLocator and data center locator, NEF empowers clients with both network information and professional services to create robust, scalable and affordable networks. euNetworks has earned a reputation as being the preferred method for delivering high-performance services over their wholly owned, billion euro, all-fiber optic network that connects the major cities and economies of Europe.  This partnership will allow US and European clients to utilize NEF’s expertise in designing efficient optical networks to build door-to-door private fiber solutions, including data center integration and network design and deployment.

The euNetworks-NEF relationship means a new level of information and service for global organizations based in the US wanting the fastest speeds and lowest latency routes in Europe. While NEF’s FiberLocator database catalogs the majority of fiber assets in the US, housing nearly 75 telecommunications provider network maps and information, the euNetworks information will add a new dimension to the database. With the inclusion of euNetworks details and fibre maps, NEF bolsters the FiberLocator value proposition and enables enterprises to leverage the networks with diversity, reliability and low latency.

"euNetworks guarantees the highest levels of service and availability, and we were looking for a US partner who embodies those same ideals," says Barry Nolan, Chief Operating Officer of euNetworks. ”NEF has earned the reputation among enterprises and carriers for reliability as well as for understanding the complexities of multipoint optical networks and data centre applications. For euNetworks, NEF was simply the right fit to represent our networks in the US.”

“Our partnership with euNetworks enables us to create and deploy stable, secure networks, higher speeds and competitive rates,” says Michael Murphy of NEF.  “With euNetworks’ world-class custom optical network solutions, we can satisfy the unique needs of domestic enterprise businesses, carriers and service providers who want to establish or maintain a presence in Europe.”

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About NEF
NEF, Inc., is one of the nation’s top telecommunications brokerage and consulting firms, offering a combined 40 years of industry experience and a proven methodology for providing its customers with the best networks, information and pricing available. NEF can provide a broad spectrum of products from dark fiber solutions to high bandwidth, fully managed optical services. Through their many partners and carrier relationships, NEF designs custom connectivity solutions and provides access to over 75 fiber providers in 48 states, 85,000 lit buildings and 1000+ data centers.  For more information, visit

About euNetworks
•    Our €1bn all-optical network delivers a new level of freedom and performance. 
•    We exclusively offer high-performance networking and specialise in solutions for high performance businesses in the Finance and Media sectors, and Carriers / Service Provider markets. 
•    We own 15 metropolitan networks throughout Europe, connected with a fully owned, high-capacity backbone. 
•    Because we own the network, we deliver superior performance that we contractually guarantee. 
•    Our Carrier Grade services are massively scalable and delivered on-demand, in days not weeks.
•    euNetworks, a member of the Global Voice Group, is headquartered in Frankfurt and publicly listed on the Singapore stock exchange (SGX: H23.SI). euNetworks is initiator and a member of euro-one, a unique collaboration of fibre optic network providers to deliver infrastructure and next generation networking solutions connecting Eastern, Central, Western Europe and North America (
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