New Fiber Optic Rings Create Growth in Pennsylvania

New Fiber Optic Rings Create Growth in Pennsylvania

Coudersport's Zito Media Communications is on a mission to spread vast rings of fiber optic lines in Warren County, Pennsylvania, starting with a sprawling loop that will hook the area to a long haul pipeline. That loop, in turn, will be broken down into localized metro rings in the county's larger communities.

The rings, which are optic fiber laid out in giant connected loops made to ensure redundant and fail safe service, will be able to provide everything from affordable ultra high speed Internet connections to businesses to digital PBX telephone services that will eliminate long distance charges.

The addition of fiber optic rings makes this Pennsylvania County a great place for emergency services, government agencies and law enforcement, many of which are planning on building or transferring their hubs here.

In addition, the fiber optic rings being constructed in Warren County and neighboring counties will help cut the huge cost normally created by the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) required by the state.

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