Loader 1.2.2

Loader 1.2.2
About Loader
The smart way to copy and import music, sound effects, graphics and movies into Final Cut Pro. Simply drag items from iTunes or the Finder onto the Loader tab and it slides out to reveal a list of currently open Final Cut Pro projects. Drop the items onto the desired project and Loader handles the rest.

– Copies items from iTunes or Finder to a media folder linked with each project.
– Converts .caf, m4a and mp3 files into 16 bit 48kHz AIF for reliable playback in Final Cut Pro.
– Sends a bin containing the copied media to the desired Final Cut Pro project.
– Keeps media together for each project – useful if you need to move projects between systems.
– Ability to sort by file extension into named subfolders within the designated media folder.
– Launches and quits automatically alongside Final Cut Pro.