P2 Flow 1.2

P2 Flow 1.2
About P2 Flow
Integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro, Compressor and other applications through a unique set of workflow features. It takes advantage of the native MXF file access in conjunction with MXF Import QT that allows to access the native P2 MXF media without the need to convert the files.

– P2 Flow allows editing of all P2 metadata. All changes are saved in the original P2 XML and fully comply with the P2 metadata specifications from Panasonic. All P2 metadata will be available in your Final Cut Pro project including User Clip Name and even Memo List Items.
– Free choice between a native MXF and Final Cut Pro’s standard Log and Transfer workflow.
– Format conversion and proxy creation with Compressor or Elgato Turbo.264 HD.
– Virtual Tape creation from a selection of clips or all loaded clips.