TextUp 1.0

TextUp 1.0
About TextUp
A FCP text generator which originally was based upon the Apple “Text” generator. The difference is that paragraphs are not drawn down from the Y-Origin but up from the baseline. This can be very helpful in professional “Subtitling” situations. It also includes “Outline”, “Box” or “Drop Shadow” options so you can setup your title in “one step” without many clicks.

There is also a “professional” version TextUp Pro available which does include additional features:
– Auto wrap text. Long paragraphs will be splitted into paragraphs which will fit into a “Title Safe Box”, But the user still has full control for “custom” line breaks.
– Vertical align so that’s somehow Text Up plus Text Center and Text Down. This can be helpful in many situations.
– Outline for the text box.
– Many more features.