QC Central is now approved for Non-NPV Netflix Quality Control

QC Central has been awarded Non-NPV Quality Control status from Netflix. Netflix is one of the worlds largest producers and providers for movie content; all Netflix movies must have an approved QC report completed before the film can be accepted for broadcast, rental, or streaming. For some projects Netflix uses what they call NPV’s which is Netflix Preferred Vendors. Currently there are only 3 very large companies in the US that do QC as NPV’s. In order to apply for NPV status a company has to fill out a very long questionnaire which includes company history, locations, equipment, and many references both of work done, and professional references within the industry. QC Central recently filled out the NPV questionnaire; we received response from Netlflix saying that while they are not giving out any new “badges” (their term for NPV status)at this time, but we could do Quality Control of Netlflix movies provided the film was not contractually obligated to be QC’d by an NPV.

This means that if you have a movie that you would like to get on Netflix and you do not have a contract that says you must use an NPV, then you can use QC Central. The advantages of using us over an NPV are many; First, our prices are one third to one half of that of the NPV’s. (I have seen the rate card that Netflix makes NPV’s use) Second our turnaround time is much faster, almost always within 1-2 days. You may expect to wait up to a week to get back an NPV QC report if not longer. (I worked for the kinds of companies that are now NPV’s for 17 years before Netflix ever existed.) A third advantage is experience, when an NPV hires a Quality Control operator they are looking for 2 years QC experience. The supervisors of those companies might have a few more years experience than that. At QC Central all work is done by Master Level QC operators with at least 25 years working in the industry doing quality control.

QC Central specializes in working with first time film makers who have not been through the post process, and can consult and help with fixes of movies that did not pass the initial QC. If you have any questions about Netflix, NPV’s or any post related issue please contact us and we will do our best to get you answers and take care of your needs.